Booze up, London & Blah blah blahing

Okay so last night was AMAZING!! I don’t think i have been that drunk on multi-coloured drinks for a penny in a very long while. Harriet’s definitely a bad influence on me, at one point she was trying to hit people with poles and made me believe that my tragic ‘jiggery pokery’ really is quite Greatness..and if i ever wandered into an alley in the pouring rain and got bummed…it really would be okay. I think she is currently my FAVOURITE person to go out with. It was good, clean, rowdy, fun, going from The Counting House (which is where i was when Jacko died..after i had just done a MJ kiddie fiddler joke, in a wooden cubby hole…i couldn’t remember the joke, so i kinda just said the punchline..) to the Dragon (where we mourned for Michael jackson by buying -well Harriet bought them- a whole tray of illuminous shots, followed by some other awful tasting shot and managed to drink 10 shots each ONE after the OTHER, like floozey savages, whilst i was calling America.) Then we ended up at ‘Heaven’ the local strip club, with 2 boys (Tomfri & Dodge,) more booze and some conversation about my love life, virgins and coding at Morrisons.

I’m offiicially ‘Chrissie off telly’ and feel so rough right now, i sort of need a bacon butty, a cuddle and to hibernate for one million years. Oh and we also met a weirdo called ‘Paul’ last night who likes to shot people in Newquay, where we found that we are quite a great deal more snobby than we ever thought. Lat night was MAD! I just got a flash back of me doing hip hop shoulder bumps to Kid Rock, whilst watch a young lady writhe around a pole. The strippers are quite energetic around that thing. Yet they were more concerned about looking at themselves in the mirror than enticing us! I’d make a good male chauvanist pig. (I’m hip hop shoulder bumping…god i’m starving.)

I’m currently in London, at The Novotel in Hammersmith. It’s okay, nothing special and i feel like a bag of shite. I’m in my hotel room (5002) in the same outfit i rocked last night, and the room is still spinning. I wanna feel better. I need food NOW! I’m waiting for people to show up, which i hate…due to well really just having to wait. But on the train here, that didn’t have any AC…i had to listen to a drunk pretend that i was his wife for 2 hours. he kept telling everyone in the cabin, telling a middle aged lady that she kept farting, drinking himself silly and tried to nick my luggage.

Not sure what’s happening tonight. But i do have Parnell and Boyband Jonny making appearances…i think? My eyes hurt. I’ve had 3 hrs sleep. Can’t wait…

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  1. i have had so many jokes today it is untrue chrissie some are blinding some are poop have fun on the mannor treacle hopefully u will let me out to play one day and u can have a proper giggle babe i will take u proper gaffes with sick tunes and people in k holes


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