Booty Poppy Dancey Thang

D’ya know what’s funny. How whenever people hear the ‘Crazy in love’ song by Beyonce, as soon as the ‘Uh-oh-uh-oh, uh-oh..ah no no’ part comes on everybpdy no matter what they’re doing, stop for those few merry seconds and shamelessly attempt to do that booty popping dance thingy like their a ‘diva.’ (LOL.) Including myself. It cracks me up! And like it doesn’t matter if they’re in a club, in their car or in their flipping kitchen alone, be they young or old, boy or girl, they will ALWAYS attempt it. (hahahaha…)

I’m only going on about it because i did an appearance recently, and there’s always a song they personally choose to send me onto the stage with, when i do the ‘i’m so fun-wavey smile’ part & it’s usually either something ‘sexy,’naughty or ‘I kissed a girl’…but for this particular occasion they had chosen ‘Crazy in Love.’ The last time i remember that song, i was in LA on Sunset in a parking structure at night, and i played it really loud out of my friends car and it started a booty popping, multi story car park rebellion. I think i stood on the hood of a truck and danced to it with strangers. Haha..

So i walk out onto the stage, to a drunk sea of heads that i can hardly see, cos it was dark and people were flashing (yes..both cameras and body parts) at Me. I’m being guided by a security man, who holds me up, as ofcourse i’m usually a bit tippled and (a thing you don’t know about Me, extremely SCARED OF HEIGHTS..which is going to be a problem if i want to wave at my subjects from my lofty pillar of GREATNESS, in the future.) Anyway, there’s a grand entrance, the intro, a lot of drunk screaming then about 10 seconds into my ‘strutt’ everyone stops looking at Me, (i’m completely declined..haha)  and basically turns to their partner and starts ‘Uh-oh, Uh-Oh, Uh-oh…ah no no’ -ing….(Hahahahaha!) It was AMAZING! And oddly bizarre at the same time? Even grown men were ‘Diva- Booty’ popping like champions. I just stood their and pissed myself (laughing, not literally weeing, as that would be a bit awkward really) and well if you can’t beat’em, i guess the idea is to YELL at them and if you can’t yell at them, you hit, them and if you can’t HIT them…you just join them, don’t you. I had a good go, and was awful at it. (But not in my head. In my head i’m amazing.) Then like a miracle, that section of the song ends and everyone stops, goes back to normal and starts looking at me and cheering again? And we continue like it never even happened. LOL. I loved it!! Oh and people keep asking me how i feel about my image. Well all i’m gonna say is, i LOVE my image. I’m the fun, confident, cheeky Glamour puss…i could be a lot worse than that. So if that’s the worst i’m doing, then i’m doing pretty goddam great. (I might put a ‘Darlings’ on the end of that.) It’s like ‘oooh i’m fun’ so shoot Me. People shouldn’t take things like LIFE so seriously.

Anyway, last night i was sent home videos from girls, who were having a slumber party and dancing to ‘Girls Aloud’ which i thought was fun. They were all screamy and like ‘Hi Chrissie, we wanted u to know we love you and that you made us fun.’ It was adorable, but i think they were a bit underaged drunk? (Hahaha..) Either way…i greatly appreciated the ‘lurve’ you sweathearts. I have all these young girls in schools being amazing and turning down boys because they are ‘simply not good enough,’ for them. YEAH! To GIRL POWER!

I’m at work today. I’m feisty, feeling good and oozing ‘Va Voom.’ I was woken up to my phone (which is a Pink BlackBerry) with the other end of it yelling ‘Wake up you lazy cow.’ I love it because you know that people in your life, be they friends, lovers, or relatives, must feel really comfortable around you when they can say whatever they want to you, swear, bicker and name call, without always feeling they have to ‘gentle.’ I know it sounds odd, but it actually means they feel ‘safe’ around you…they trust you without them even knowing. Like they know they can say whatever and subconciously you won’t be going anywhere because they know your bond with them is far stronger than a few simple words. Magic..

I’m about to start work…Godda go. I have loads a breaks, so i’m feeeeEEEling Good. Have a WONDERFUL (Wunnaful) day lovers. Pout! I’m in London tomorrow for the next two days. But i will fill you all in on that later. Ciao! My bundles of ‘OOh-Laa.’


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