Boobs out for Burma!!! Please Help!!

Okay, so Hi my Darlings!! I know i have been absent for the last couple days, and i am also aware that you may believe i have been spending that ‘away time’ boozing merrily, buying pointless bits of tatter, and looking at myself endlessly in any available mirror that will have me. HOWEVER, you would be VERY wrong!! Incase you didn’t know, Burma (the country that gave you… rubies, pythons and ME ) was hit by a devastating Cyclone just over a week ago, making over ONE MILLION people in Burma homeless, starving and injured. 200,000 bodies have been found dead so far… and the remaining survivors (my uncle being one of them-the rest were wiped out) are dying, having not a single drop of water, no food, no home and as of right now no AID, as it’s being rejected by the Burmese Government.

After over hearing a desparate phone call from my Uncle in Burma to my Father for help, and after a couple days of realising that the awareness of the Cyclone in Burma needed to be GREATER . I decided to take matters into my own hands, (as i have family out there dying.. right this second)and FIGHT to help save my people!!!! I am devastated yet will not back down and since i have been ‘baring all’ for you my darling fans and i’m in a position to help build awareness…i’m now going to take it a strut further and start the Chrissie Wunna ‘Boobs out for Burma’ Campaign! ( i know it’s sooooo Lady Godiva, but i think it will work!!)

Today i shot a an EXCLUSIVE never been seen topless photoshoot, with all the right bumps out, in all the right places, (ooh la la) and i will be placing samples of these photos here my website, where YOU, yes YOU.. are to place £1, or a $1, or 1 whatever? (as long as it’s money) with your name and address…in an envelope, and send it to ME (you will be given an address). When the £1 is recieved, you will recieve a naughty topless piccy of me, signed and kissed personally by Me…for YOU!! Your £1 will be sent straight to CHARITY to help the people in Burma!

Hopefully i will raise awareness, raise money and help hundreds of people in their hour of need!! I need your help to do this!! I love you! I hope you love me too!!

Chrissie xxx

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  1. just read abt ur things in Nuts . just wanna say thank you for caring the country that we r from. “Proud to be Burmese”.


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