‘Boobs out for Burma’- Wunna gets Naked

It’s amazing, i have been completely swamped with messages and emails already since posting the 2 pictures for the ‘Boobs out for Burma’ launch, and i just wanted to say THANKYOU so much!!! I can’t believe it!! I want to keep the excitement going, for a little bit longer and details of what to do and where to send the money will becoming up shortly!! I am so happy and so excited…so to THANKYOU boys here’s another steamy picture to tantalise and get you going!! Remember for £1 or $1 this picture could be yours personally signed, loved on and kissed by Me!! All proceeds go to help the victims of Cyclone in Burma!!

Chrissie x

3 thoughts on “‘Boobs out for Burma’- Wunna gets Naked”

  1. that is, hands up, the sexiest pic you’ve ever done!

    …or it would be if you put your hands up! hehehe

    …up in the air I mean not up… never mind!



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