Boobs out for Burma’- Heres what to do!

. Put £1 or $1 into an envelope. (If you want to give more thats GREAT, but it’s only £1 per naughty pic!)

. Include your Name and Address (please print clearly…so i can read it…obviously..haha)

. If you are writing a cheque or postal order make it payable to ‘DEC Myanmar Cyclone’

You will recieve a topless picture of me, from an exculsive shoot. I’ll be SIGNING and KISSING each one that is sent out for you…lucky boys!!! OOh La la!!

All proceeds go towards helping the victims of the Cyclone in Burma!! So far 34,273 people found dead, 27,838 reported missing, and 1.5million people in Burma left homeless, injured and starving…including my Uncle!!!

Its quick, easy, and simple!! For £1, you get Chrissie Wunna love, and will have also saved a soul in Burma…literally!! It’s good karma!!

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