Boobie Clown Juggling


Well helllooo my sexy kitty cats of wink-fest! What a delicious day dripped in gooey sunshine. It always puts me in a better mood and irons out the cynical creases that I have in my nipple tassles. Motherhood has put a smile on my little  Asian smile on my face, as Ruby is now rocking her ‘Yeah baby’ strut and new arrival Baby Junior is melting the hearts of pretty much anyone that hovers near our bubble. Keiran is doing ALL the baby night shifts simply because he wants me to recover fully and well any girl couldn’t wish for anymore. It sort of makes me feel bad because i’m letting him live on zero sleep, when i’m almost nearly recovered. However, instead of napping through the day, he is currently outside working out, pulling his own body weight up on wooden Olympic rings and doing press ups. It’s the Summer. We’re all eager to get our ‘ooh laa’ back on. My bump is slowly easing on down. It’s not going down fast, but it’s certainly making it’s way there. I’m dieting like a champion and weirdly kinda enjoying it. All i can really say, is that although i’m nowhere near the weight I wish to be…(having babies does that to you,) I only had a baby 6 days ago and i’m rocking the baby blue booty shorts. And the great thing about Me, is that i’m not rocking them or stating that i’m rocking them to prove that i can fit into them, i’m rocking them because either way…I FEEL SEXY! Confidence over-rides that extra bit  of chubby love. but yes, the diet is working. In a few weeks, i’ll be back to holding up the sign of ‘Va Voom.’ *Kitty purr here.*

So, right now i’m juggling. I’ve just had Baby Junior, meaning I want to boast about him continuously, until i’m blue in the face, yet I can’t believe that I haven’t had my celebratory champagne or vino yet, to ‘cheers’ the new arrival in. It’s weird because you just can’t when you have a 2 year old (a 2 year old who was demanding a party at 8.30am this morning, instead of going to nursery. Ruby also asked for a pet today and when I asked her what kind of pet she actually wanted…she replied by telling me she wanted ‘A MERMAID.’ Whoever marries my daughter, when she’s all big, better get ready for the most high maintenance child alive.) But yes, there ‘s no time to really sit and pout seductively behind a wine glass, with a newborn and a 2 yr old…well without it being rushed, downed or placed on a window sill and forgotten about whilst you change nappies, in heels, too much bronzer and fake eyelashes. I’m loving it though. Life is good and I wouldn’t have it any other way! *Hair-toss.*

Oh yeah..back to juggling. I’m juggling because there’s been this brand new birth. My son! Oh my son! Yet at the same time, and in one week, i’m on a tv show, that as you can tell i’m beginning to annoying plug at every given opportunity and outlet I get. It’s the new Ann Summers show for Channel 4, ‘Sex Toy Stories,’ on Next Thurs, June 13th, at 10pm. You’ll love it. I haven’t seen it, but I know i’ll probably be cringe…because that’s what I do…why kill a good thing. 🙂

So, i feel like I have two things to shout about…in fact everything to shout about right now…that i’m like a bouji circus clown..juggling in the spotlight to a the masses….in too much lippy and a push up bra (that I don’t actually need right now. My boobs are ‘jumbo mamas,’ killing and filled with milk. I feel as though they’ll explode into a confetti shower if i sneeze too hard. Yet i don’t mind as it’s far more sexier than weeing each time I sneeze, like I have for the last 9 months. Yipppeeee!)

I think we’re featured..well the show is featured in Cosmopolitan today, which is always good and a rather classy read, that obviously dipped in sex appeal.

..and well there will hopefully be a buzz about the show, even though we apparently go up against the launch night of Big Brother. #fun

In the above picture you can see the ‘cast’…well the girls who i’ve been filming with AND Jacqueline Gold (the important Glamour Puss in the middle) who is the CEO of Ann Summers…and well i just hope it all goes alright…as of course ti’d be rubbish if it didn’t. Keiran is also in the show with me…as they follow each of the girls life for a bit..well a year…so you’ll also get to dip into my personal life further than the written word. (Which is what I always want anyhow, innit. 😉 )

Love is great. Life is fab. My loins are healing.

Big kisses to you all!

Back to Yummy Mummy-hood.


(How I found Keiran and Baby Junior this morning. #daddydaycare)

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