Gosh! Why do boys who wish to trophy my affection, believe that filling my inbox up with pictures of their willy…will do the trick. Either they don’t know how to approach me, because i apparently make men feel terrified. Odd? I know. I mean, if you met me in real life, i’d say i’m about as down to earth as glitter on ground could be. 😉

So yeah, i get that most of you boys hunt for sex online and of course my pictures will make you think that i’m a great choice for such. Lol. Yet, it’s not going to make me want to bonk you, nor is it ever going to make me want to consider you as a ‘forever.’ However…as always…i’m flattered. PAHAHA. Your willies must be freezing. I could come out with my own range of winter willy warmers for you all to cosy up to. I’m gonna go with mini bobble hats.

But yes, gentleman…please do approach Wunna land with great manners and your boners tucked in. It makes for better luck, when it comes to dating…well ANY decent girl. (Oh shut it. I’m decent.)

Once i’m dating you…i don’t mind your willy being out. But for now…my inbox is exhausted. I think it has a headache. Lol. Leave it alone, with your boners.


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