Bold Enough To Bare My Soul

Stripped, bare naked and ready to tell you my stories. The last six years have been the craziest years of my life. It’s been up, it’s been down, it’s been the best of times, the worst of times. I’ve felt like i’ve had everything in the world. I’ve felt like i’d lost myself. I’ve been loved. I’ve been hated. I’ve been worshipped. I’ve been ripped to shreds. I’ve been honest. I’ve told lies. But i’ve laways won the crowds over in the end. My life’s even been a game…yet i’ve always strutted  forward, with a smile on my face and a glint of evil in my eye! It’s the way i work…and i’m doing it damn well baby. Be bold enough to bare your soul. All we have are our stories…so make you’re life worth talking about!

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