Bob the dodgey Snowman

Hello my Pretties, i’ve just woken up, and outside the land is laiden with the most delicious amount of snow. It’s thick, it’s fluffy, it’s white, which means, (Oh yes siree,) that this little Princess is a snowman making today!!! I would’ve been able to film it for you, if my brother hadn’t wasted all the precious film on images of him being wasted. Three Cheers!!

So yes, i’m gonna strip down, build a snowman, name him, ‘ Dodgey Bob,’ and now, not be able to show any of you, any of it, as all the film now has ‘Drunk brother Wunna,’ shit faced, and with ‘wearing no clothes,’ 15 year olds, gyrating to ‘Don’t cha.’ (sad face) Yet, i’m still gonna have fun, maybe take a few pictures, but probably not ( i’m really shite at remembering to take pictures, as i’m so use to having my picture taken.) I don’t even have a camera, so i don’t know what i’m talking about, when i say…’take a few pictures,’ (hahaha) i guess i meant mentally?

Happy Easter boys n girls, and remember… Jesus died to give us chocolate eggs!! ( quote by Waz) Thank the Lord!!

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