Blow the Dry Out of it Girl

Feeling on top of this merry world this morning! Last night, i was committing to being the very spoiltest of bratts. However, now i’m finding it mildly humourous, loving the time that i’m having to myself…treated with delicious dreams last night (the kinky sort) and well today has been a BIG BIG day of work. (Which i often refer to as my ‘jiggery pokery.’) I’m on a break right now, and trying to make people not only groom me, but actually wash and blow dry my hair, because i can’t be bothered to do it. If i hate anything, other than jaffa cakes, it’s blow drying hair. It bores me. I find it tedious! I prefer to let the experts do it. My talent lies in being an iconic legend ( did i get away with saying that? lol Please send all hate mail to Wazza.) I’m getting away with murder right now….and i’m enjoying it thoroughly. And before you all begin misquoting me…NO i’m not actually killing people….(deliberately 🙂 )

Anyway, whenever, i’m blow drying my hair…i truely do believe i’m wasting precious minutes of my life…and simply because if i left it…it really would dry itself. I’m not a time waster. I find it pointless…especially because i enjoy massively glamourous Hollywood hair, because my natural hair looks like it’s been ironed down onto my head. Therefore getting that ‘ooh laa’ takes far too much time. Arm ache much! I need experts at all times. But luckily now….i can have them 🙂

 Infact, i’m quite awful!  All my chick friends (all two of them…i seem to have only male friends…because i’m smart)  know about my hair drying hatred. Therefore when i invite them over for cocktails, chatter or a good gossip about ‘Handsome fellows’ of a kingdom we call ‘Britain,’ i will deliberately pop off into the distance, wash my hair…even if i’m in a sequinned palava of a number…and MAKE THEM blow dry it! They agree, because i am the key booze supplier and the apparent wisdom of the world. They do try and make me do their faces, but don’t be so ridiculous. Hahaha!

I actually believe all girls should do their OWN faces. It’s art and almost an excuse for self expression. ( I enjoy how i’m trying to turn being a caked up slag, into ART! LOL) My face is dramatic. I do it that way, because I am dramatic, therefore it’s the way i feel most comfortable. I think, chicks should know how they want to look, experiment a little, then find an image and go for it…! Don’t let someone else choose how you should look. Only YOU know. I mean, a lady who was trying to have eyelash wars with me the other night in a bar, stopped me and said i have a ‘statement’ face. And well yeah. If you’re not making a statement..then what are you doing? Be bold, be brash, be noticed….but always smell of roses! Everything you wear, everything you do to yourself, the way you present yourself, is making some kind of impression. It determines who you are wanting to be percieved as! Have fun. Play with it. I do. It’s part of being a kitty kat!

Anyway, all today i’ve been doing filmed interviews for magazines and websites etc….for the different countries that this world has to offer. It’s actually my favourite part of my job because i get to mindlessly ramble on about myself for hours on end. I love that i am always pre- warned about my deliciously rubbish sense of humour that no-one understands. Most people will recieve a talk of encouragement before a little chat with the media. I (being known for my obedient ways) get a stern telling off, a warning and a threat of violence! Hahah…I think it went something on the lines of, ‘If you fucking balls this up….i swear i will hit you.’ I’m very used to this pre-party talk of love…therefore i just nod, smile, agree, then walk off with a cheeky wink in my eye and a smile of ‘vixen’…where all those who are in charge of guiding me…now how do i put it?

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