Birthday’s, Snow Driving & Good Old family Love


Morning all! How are you all feeling today! Happy? Rough? Bored? Excited? In love? Down? Or simply deliciously divine? (I always go for the last option…because when in doubt, if you strut like you know what you’re doing with a hair flick and a hip bump, you always win the war.)

SO, lots has happened. I keep missing the moment to blog, because i’m in the stage where i’m having to live life in order to have a blog, in the first place. But yesterday was my yummy little hubby’s 29th birthday! I mean, he’s getting old now for a toyboy 😉 but I love him all the same. In fact the older he’s getting the more attractive he’s becoming. As silly as it sounds and because we’ve been through so much together, some of it you’ve read about via my blog, been a part of…via our lives….or watched from a far. But yes…we’ve been through a great deal and we’ve never been more in love. I think because we’re so similiar and we both went through a massive life change at the same time that all we had were each other to hold on to and in life I always thought you could go it solo. I mean I did. The Hollywood version of me and the ‘Back to Britain’ part of me managed it like a champion. I romanced a few and enjoyed life…i went from the chilly moors of Yorkshire as a little girl, to partying with Leonardo Di Caprio and booty shaking with Paris Hilton as a 20 something, followed by marrying movie stars….having to divorce them and having the best friends i could possible imagine in my perfect life of tinsel. But, let me tell you… I have never really been happier than I am now. I have a wonderful family, a great birth family, a beautiful daughter and a little son on the way. Yet being able to look to my left and see that I have my ‘life soldier’ gripping onto my hand, just as hard as I am gripping his….means the world to me and because that ‘life soldier’ is the man of my dreams. We’re facing the world together and we’re gonna get the result that we want out of life. (God, i love my weave right now. It’s making me feel all ‘diva.’)

Okay, so yesterday, like I said was Keiran’s birthday. I’ve now seen him through 2 birthdays and well it was lovely to just share it with him. I loved going away to the forest cabin and I adored the little gifts he got on his actual birthday. I mean, the evening before I was knackered, but I waited until he had gone to bed and made sure Ruby was fast asleep then I madly whopped out a few champagne bottles, a few wrapped presents, blew up baloonns, got streamers, candles and party poppers ready, bought new champagne flutes and had the cakes made ready to plonk out in the morning. It actually took ages because i’ve lost my swagger now that i’m 7 months pregnant. In 8 weeks i’m giving BIRTH. I mean, HOLY MOLY! Hanging banners isn’t that easy with a kicky bump and a waddle. I couldn’t even believe that I managed to do this sober. But I did. I flung everything off his office desk and displayed more appropriate things in their place. Not fun for Keiran really, as he totally has OCD. (Even though he denies it.) In fact, to be honest he doesn’t really have it now. But he did when I first met him, yet probably because he was more broken then. Now he’s whole.


When he woke up he was greeted to a birthday office desk of Wunna ‘Happy 29th’ Birthday fun! (OUCHY MY BUMP IS KICKY TODAY.) It was just little, but it was cute. He got golf treats, money, golf lessons, booze, choccies, cabin trip away and bits and bobs. BUT I wanted to take him out to lunch to a yummy champagne bar where we could’ve dined on the finest foods and celebrated his b-day all a poshy. Yet he had scheduled all these work meetings in from 12 noon to 7pm…meaning i had no booking space to even treat him! I hated that because I always want to go over the top on someones birthday and not only did i feel like I couldn’t….but I didn’t.

Instead, we sauntered into Wakey and I helped him with his errands. Lol. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 🙂 I was his ‘Robin’ for the day. I prefer to be a ‘Batman,’ well one that doesn’t have to save the world or do anything too strenuous in bat ears. I’m far too ‘kitten’ for that. Keiran loves me being his ‘Robin.’ He is certainly a man that would like to be the head of the household. I don’t mind that because i’m a diva…yes…but there’s nothing more cutest than being able to play the girl’s role…especially when I do it so well.

Anyway, he ran around doing his meetings, i did the errands he couldn’t do. I was weirdly way popular yesterday, as I got stopped 3 times with an ‘Are you off the telly?’ Which you know I adore. However, I did then accidentally meet a little Chinese lady, who tried to sell me dimanate earrings who said that she knew someone that could be my new child carer for some crazy bargain price. I nodded and smiled and thanked her for her help. Her 4 year old son had a snotty nose and kept rummaging through my handbag. 🙂 I knew it was safe though, as Asian’s don’t pick pocket from Asians. You’ve seen all the Ninja movies…i don’t need to tell you why. 😉  I explained that Ruby is fine where she is and yeah where she goes does cost quite a bundle of funds, but when it comes to the safety and education of your child, you kinda don’t mind the costs so much. I don’t want a bargain. I’ll pay what it takes to keep her safe, happy and learning. I bought the earrings…:) I can’t help it. I love all it cheap, expensive for someone elses.

Okay, so Keiran picked me up, as he found me mid waddling around time and instead of doing the bouji lunch, he opted for us going to visit his nan’s…which I love because nothing is more important than family. They are the people who really care and they care FAR MORE than your friends. Plus, it’s his birthday so he can do whatever he wished with his time.

We had a lovely afternoon, filled with comfort and love. To be honest, after about an hour things began to turn pear shaped for Keiran. You know when you have one of those days where things just start to go wrong, in a domino effect. Well yeah…that happened. He was stressed and you could see it in him. He was misted over with it. It consumed him. I mean i don’t know you or what he met during his meeting, but it certainly misted his positive glow and he caught a case of the dodgy luck on transit from his leaving me to going to chill at his nans. You’re a product of your mind and environment and the manner of others can throw you. So yeah, it all went down hill and he needed a wine at the end of the day.

When we got home, we picked up our very tired Baby Ruby and chilled at home for a couple hours before heading out to his birthday dinner at Aagrah. We had an 8.30pm table and well my Mum and Dad treated him ..well us all…to birthday dinner. My parents treat Keiran like he is their own son and well whenever they can splurge on him…they do. Especially my Mum. We’re close to the Aagrah family. They love having us at their restaurants and we love dining their. We were greeted warmly by the owners son, who was so happy to have us back.

Even though we were tired, we made the effort to shake of negativity, laugh in the face of danger and positively enjoy life, the evening and the rest of the day. We refused to let a string of bad luck give us a case of the blues. Instead we searched for the positive and dined on fine Indian cuisine.

We were one of the last tables there, as the place was closing by the time we got our desserts. It all ended with a sparkly pudding and a bit of a birthday sing song. Keiran was knackered, bless him. Yet was determined to get through the evening. Ruby was busy shouting at her mirror image and well the rest of us were just stuffing our faces.


Soon it was time to go home and well as soon as we did Ruby impressed ‘Daddy Keiran’ so much with her lovey doviness that he fell straight to sleep with his last birthday words being ‘Ruby, you have absolutely MADE my day.’ She laid next to him cuddling him and telling him how much she loved him and that she wanted to snuggle with him all night. It made him feel whole again, loved and like life was worth it, all because something so pure was delighted by him.

No matter what, it was a good way to end his night.

Then we all woke up at the crack of dawn, to get him to work, He’s working in Derby today and well i was in charge of driving him in the snow to the train station. In the past two days i’ve driven twice, which is more than I have driven in the last 2 years. He was nervous that I was going to attempt a drive, as was my mum, but I DID IT. I trundled through the dodgy snow and dropped him off. He missed his train. Two of them. 🙂 Yet finally caught the third with only 30 seconds to spare. 🙂 🙂 I’m that good a driver. I actually felt really bad. Nothing is worse than missing trains and having to rush for them. Then to add to the joys, I noticed I had a missed call from him so called him back half an hour later. It made him miss his NEXT TRAIN, (oopsie) that he actually ended up having to wait an hour for the next one. He wasn’t that pleased. I am mayhem.

Then I did the snowy nursery run and well let me tell you, i’m quite liking this driving malarky. I feel all independent and free. In fact, now i don’t even know how I’ve survived by not using my driving skills. My Mum is a worry-wart and didn’t want me to do it, because i’m pregnant and apparently dangerous. So i did it anyway. I mean you can only learn to gallop if you flipping get back up on that horse. I love being able to zoom off somewhere, if I need to…even if it’s all snowy and shit.

I got home and decided to throw things out. Throwing things out always makes me feel better. I’m really good at it and because i don’t really have too much of an attachment to material things. I can purchase them and lob them out with a happy wink of ease. So i did. The bin’s full. It felt good to free myself of clutter. But i hate the dryer not working. I mean, i’m not one for hanging things over a door, or draping them over a radiator. I like quick, easy drying fun.

So, i’ve decided to do a bit of cleaning up, out of feeling free and loving it. I’ve a lot to do, but whatever…i’ll get some of it done. I mean, I can’t wait to get back to work after our baby bump is born. I enjoy the art of making money and well there’s only so much sitting at home a chick can do.

There was a point to the morning where I just felt ‘ugh’ and like I needed a holiday. THEN I realized that in exactly 4 weeks, I WILL be on HOLIDAY! YIPPPEEE! We’re back to the forest on April 22nd, so if i could just get through 4 weeks and well weirdly this time around, the weeks are flying by because i’m pregnant. I have no idea why? The first time with Ruby is seemed to take forever.

I’ve just got back from the forest and 5 days of hotel nights, so i’m super happy to be going back in 4 weeks…and this time with the whole of Keiran’s family…AND Rubes. However, I will tell you that i’m going to have to celotape my private part shut, as i’m in utter fear of going into labour in the forest. I’d be most disappointed. Keiran’s thinks there isn’t a better place for me to go into labour. Oh yeah! That sounds great to me. NOT!! NO DRUGS, LEGS OPEN AND PUSH BY TREES!!!! I think not. But if it happens…it happens. I’ll be like ‘Welcome Son.’ 🙂

More importantly, I don’t want to jiggy into labour because I want my mum to be near me. When you have babies, you need your Mum more than ever. I can’t wait to see what my little son will look like. We’re all excited. Including Rubes. It will be the most wonderful day ever…for us all! A new addition to the family and well i’ve only known Keiran for around 18 months. 🙂

Other than all that, I’m filming tomorrow in London. I’m headed to a studio for a bit of Central London filming. I’m preggo massive, so I’ll look hideous. I always look hideous when it comes to promo shot times. It’s all for the show that i’m should be coming out shortly…and well…i started it all off thin, glam and sexy…then ended it 7 months pregnant. HAHAHA. That’s one way to do it.

My train’s at 10.16 from Wakefield, so at least it’s not too bad.

PLUS, good friends Emma and Goodhall are having a small get together shortly for close friends and family to celebrate their union..they’ve invited Keiran and I because we hold ourselves responsible for their engagement 🙂 and well they hold themselves responsible for our upcoming son! We’re both really excited to see them again and celebrate, so it will be marvellous. Plus, we get to shimmie around their new beautiful ‘makes us very jealous’ home.

Good times! When I look at my life and see that i have so many wonderful things happening to me, the tv shows, the baby, the love…and well i just couldn’t be more grateful for it all. I just now need to bundle it up and rocket it to the skies to make the mark I want for myself and my family. Gimme! Gimme!





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