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Morning, my delightfully, cherished souls of kitten, lady, lad or gentleman. I’m swirling around with glee, on the second of my two days off from ‘day job’ and thoroughly enjoying using my free time for good, bad, not ever the ugly…and well ‘dreams come true.’ The new productive Wunna is so much sexier, than floozy pa’toozie, party Princess. That worked well in Hollywood. Yet, in good old Brit land…it’s certainly not as ‘ooh laa.’ Be you a girl OR A BOY. Plus, i’m older now, i’m a mother…i’m far more fabulous and dolls, i have my shit together. Yeeeeeeeeeeah! Baby!

I’m currently blogging from the newly refurbished Starbucks at the Junction 32 shopping centre in Castleford…one of my favourite places to blog. Other favourites are my LA balcony, anywhere where in which i am immersed in atmosphere, people and life and well any hotel room. I LOVE BLOGGING FROM A HOTEL ROOM. I mean think of all the shit that goes down behind each door of a hotel room, each one of those four walls tells a story within itself. But yes, today i’m at Starbucks…and i’m armed with a Caramel latte and a sausage sandwich. (Which wasn’t squashed like they can sometimes appear at Starbucks. 🙂 ) It was actually yummy. Yet i think the new atmosphere makes me feel better.

Plus, I did sunny (I’m going to say AUTUMN) morning driving, even though it’s August…The weather is telling me it’s fall wardrobe time, so shut it. I mean, i judge the seasons by the weather, what your wearing and how hot the eye candy is. I can spot sexy a mile off…we all can and luckily sexy..can spot me! (I NEVER EVER check who has ‘poked ‘me on Facebook on any of my profiles and only simply because i always forget. Checked it yesterday…HOLY SHIT, why didn’t i check ever!!! There was a stream of hot boys, old hot boy acquaintances and famous boys, all poking at me to grab a little Glamour Puss attention. It goes waaay back to 2011…and i missed it! I was sooo late to that party and i claim to never be late to anything!! But ah time for ‘poking’ these days…i’ve got me a company to run shortly. BOOYAH! That’s enough ‘sex’ for the time being! Wunna takes GLAMMY to the next level.)

But yes, got distracted…drove here to this: (My currently fave driving song)


Lots has happened. I’m feeling strong! I’m feeling delicious. I’m getting my glammy back ON, technology is still pissing me off, beauty line is going to be hot and  i’m looking forward to covering the Olympia Beauty Show, for it’s 10th Anniversary. The good thing about being a blogger and one that people have sort of labelled ‘maybe good’….is that you get to go to these things ‘invite galore’ and before you get to go, they throw you a press pass in order for you to indulge in the ‘behind the scenes,’ intimately…at the same time as trying out the goods on offer and for free…And this is so that you are able to deliver your honest opinion, if you so choose to …on whatever product you have thankfully been gifted. People aren’t allowed to PAY YOU to sneakily say how much to like their brand, however if they DO pay you, it is counted as a sponsorship, meaning that they’ll allowed to have their company, or product advertised here on with an exchange of payment.

I usually just blog about the things i generally adore, as I can’t find it in myself t be arsed to ramble on about things that I don’t really care for. Hence why i always ramble on about MYSELF. 🙂 My ego won’t let me include anything that doesn’t revolve around me. (My tummy is currently churning after eating extra spicy Burmese stuff last night, with rice. Yummiest thing ever. I love my mum’s Burmese treats and I adore every inch of my heritage…but i tells ya, I have no clue as to why it’s given me the *****s. Spicy is in my blood!)

On the baby front…It was Ruby/Mummy day yesterday. She started off by puking and ended it on spending everything i had on awesome, girly, shopping treats. Junior gets the same treatment, because i’m soft and i like the fact that they can do the ‘may i have this…’ and with a pretend ‘let me think about whether you’ve been good,’ face…i ponder and then just go for the ‘Okay then baby.’ That’s what life is about! No…not the need for material things. Lol. Just the fact that I make their life easier, not harder on them. I don’t make them ‘jump through hoops’ for no reason…just for kicks or a power trip. I love them and well…they know the score. I’m they’re best friend, but i’m Mummy. I’m not that shouty. Not that mardy. I have boobies and i’m awesome. If i’m cross…Nanny McPhee will get them and that is that…:) Yet Rubes…who can now perform a roly poly. (OMG, the utter glee on her face when she accidentally rolled over on her head and realize that she had just done a real life ‘am i now like a  five year old’ roly poly. She’s only been trying for her entire lifetime. 🙂 I enjoy that she can turn an accident into a positive.) But yeah, distracted again…RUBY knows that I got to work, to make money and because i got to work and make money, i can spend days with them, where in which she can purchase whatever she wants..whilst enjoying a certain lifestyle. Junior’s far more easy going. Right now…and because he’s a boy, he’s just not that ‘diva.’ Yet his brain is awesome. He can remember and copy everything you do, but then you give him a conundrum and he’ll figure it out…(not like a Carol Vorderman conundrum, i can’t even figure them out,) but you plonk a practical or physical problem in front of him…give him a second and he will have worked it out, flawlessly. Unfortunately, they’re not my i’m far too busy making my hair bigger and bigger, pouting at my mirror image and using my brain for manipulation, whilst glitter spraying orange tinged pieces of arm and relining my eyes with smoke black. Yet the genes he has from me are apparent…well…we’ll ‘juudggsh’ here…let’s just say…that boys a looker. 😉  Ruby’s brain works like mine. But she certainly resembles her father in a frock.

I can ramble on about the babies all day. but i won’t instead, i’ll ramble on about boys!

Have you noticed that men don’t like weak women? Have you noticed that! Now, i don’t know if it’s just the men i know or the ones that i’ve so happened to have dated. But to say that they’re meant to be our hero’s and step in to protect, love, honour and provide and all that lovely bunch of coconuts. (Shit, reminds me that i didn’t get my Malibu coconut cup yet!) I think that they’re actually creatures (be they a good man, or a bad man) who want us women to look after THEM and be their hero’s. Are men tired of being the champions? The soldiers? The ‘Carry big things if you know what i mean?’

I don’t think they’re tired of being our Knights in shining armour. Don’t get me wrong, they like that bit and I do believe that they adore being the breadwinners, as it’s how they see themselves as ‘better’ amongst OTHER MEN. Men are highly competitive creatures, they like to ‘the winners.’  AMONGST OTHER MEN and because of this…what their male counter parts think of them, sort of matters to their ego… quite greatly.Which is so different to women. I know that there will be men who argue this fact…but i think that there’s a underlining thread that runs through ALL gentlemen that makes them alike, as there is with women also. We are all packaged differently, with different opinions, appearances and spirits…but being a girl…is being a girl…there’s a thin braid that ties all of us chicks together as one…and that is the same in men. Women all enjoy to be treated a certain way and that way, no matter what kind of doll we are… is to be respected…

But yes, men aren’t attracted to weak women. They like to know that THEY’LL be loved, protected and cared for and therefore they can’t stand seeing the girl that they have chosen to be their ‘forever’…broken into little weak pieces. You pull yourself together, you march forward…you watch the boys come! Literally 😉 I don’t blame them really, as I can’t stand to here girls moan on about having their heartbroken, over and over again on repeat, whilst they’re still  insisting on lingering in ‘pity party’ mode for a good few ‘what seems like’ years…to sad love songs and pathetic ongoing…weeps of ‘let life bully me’. I get the weepy, wine, stage! We’ve all been there. But once enough ‘weepy, wine’ stage has been performed or  indulged in…and they don’t snap out of it, i’m infuriated and can’t be arsed anymore. LOL. My sympathy card is up, when you’re down, yet when ‘down’ turns to ‘needing attention’…i snap my card in half..(yes over my kung fu mater knee) and demand that you turn ‘soldier.’ Fucking pity party. Booyah!

So, today i’m meant to be doing the ice bucket challenge,m because Gay Adam wants me too. Yet, even though i didn’t do the  ‘NAKED SELFIE’ (which i was far too insecure about AND it got a bit too trendy for me…everyone kept doing it, wanting to do it… talked about doing it etc..etc..which is just my excuse for not doing it 🙂 ) i WILL do the ice bucket challenge. But not in a bikini? Everyone seems to think i’m doing it in my underwear? It’s not PORN. It’s flipping charity! Lmao.That Union Jack bikini has made you remember my past. 🙂 There will be no nipple tassles worn, doing this moment of charitable behaviour. 🙂 It’s not going to make people donate more is it!?! It’s just going to fill my inbox with perverts.

But yes, I just don’t have time to do it today, as i’ve got to do a bunch of beauty line Skype calls with Zach in America, which has got to hit time zones. So, i’ll have to save it for next weekend, (that i have completely off) and the productive in me can’t seem to throw a bucket of water over my head for video, knowing that i’ve got to try and get this company up and running before Crimbo. It’s only 12 Tuesday until Christmas!! Deck the halls folks!

But i’m a good sport…i’ll do it…(I mean i flipping celotaped red whorey feathers to my nipples and stupid danced for telly, in the name of humour and embarrassment for ITV, I can chuck water over my head for charity.) But I’ll have to do it when i can! 🙂 And i get that there’s this  random ‘wasting water’ debate. Lol. There’s always got to be a debate. Well the way I see it, is that it’s fun and when people can be fun for charity and when something as silly or simple as the ‘bucket of ice water over the head’ trick occurs and at the same time seems to build up a fuss and a whole lot more awareness for some of those in need…then it’s all good in my mind. Plonk a cherry on top of that cake and stop moaning.

Have a good day!

I’m back to work tomorrow, until Saturday!


C x












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