Big granny knicker crackers

Had coffee yet still feeling like a solid ‘4.’ Everything keeps going wrong. If i want to watch a dvd…it breaks. If i want to send a message my ‘message sender’ is unable to process my request, if i need a cuppa tea, all i can find is coffee. I feel so Alanis Morrisette. I guess it is like ‘Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain on your wedding day.’ That was my pathetic attempt to sing part of a song, in a written blog. Doesn’t really work, does it!! Hahaha!

No really, i’m actually feeling much better, and yes everything is kinda falling to pieces, but at the same time it’s hilarious. The more miserable you feel, the more BAD things decide to happen. So i’m snapping out of my ‘mood’ to get happy, and quick. Plus, a lot of way worse things have happened before, so my mind is army strong. It’s funny as it’s always the little things that niggle away at me. The BIG things, i find quite dealable (am i making up words?) So from now on i’m going to be more positive. Honest, but more positive!! I need sunshine. I need LA!

I forgot to tell you about the other day. I did a shoot on Monday where in which i was ordered to wear giant granny panties, in an array of granny like colours (mauve, forest green), and pose in them whilst i was pretending to clean a kitchen! I guess it’s a fetish? Or maybe the photographers tricked us, and just hired a bunch of glamour models to actually clean their house…haha?? I was standing at a train station in Kent, in the early hours of the morning, dressed in a tiny neon yellow tank top, and massive fake eyelashes, holding luggage. It was PISSING it down outside, and i mean proper hardcore rainage. I looked like i had just come last in a wet t-shirt competiton and not remotely like a glamour model. The photogs picked me up, to take me to the shoot destination…i was already apologising for my shabby condition…i sat in their car and we frantically drove through the streets of Gillingham, to the soothing sounds of Madonna’s, ‘Like a Virgin,’  followed by Wham. Bizarre morning! Especially since the following hour, i was cleaning someones kitchen in big granny knickers!! All in all it was a fun day, yet i can’t help think that my career is going down a slippery slope….lol

4 thoughts on “Big granny knicker crackers”

  1. it sounds like u are having murders chrissie. i dont blaim u for wanting to get ot la how pony is the weather good old english summer time god is mugging us right of and it aint funy no more. can u fit me in your suit case when u go la i will be your toby if it helps seal the deal. i cant wait ot see the pics of u in your cracking pants chrissie cleaning some ones gaffe quality. have a good week babe take care chrissie tada scratch

    ps if u are still moody crack open some uris it will sort u right out

  2. Boobs don’t feel like that… I Loves You and that’s all that matters… Don’t feel like that you are a beautiful person…


  3. Scratch- Theres a space in my suitcase ready and yeah i do need to just say ‘Bollocks’ and have fun anyway!!

    Rudes- I don’t need you to love me, i just need you to more bloody helpful. It’s funny how you always think my ‘case of ther blues’ is always about you…

  4. sweet ones let us know and i will get in it. this weather is bollox anit it and it is ment ot be like it for the whole of june yipee. yes if u smile and are happy u forget the things that wind u up unless it is something important like football then nothing works but time take care chrissie tada scratch


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