Big Day of ‘Le Bump’ today!

Big day for me today! Yeeeah Baby!

There is nothing i adore more than waking up excited! I’m MORE THAN excited and because today, on January 11th 2013, i find out if my delightful little bit of *bumpage,* caused by a lotta bit of…get this…Wedding night *bumpage,* (so fairytale, it couldn’t have even been written any better. However, at the same time, so unlikely… as i do remember that my last sight, before passing out, was my new husband Keiran climbing the cherry oak bed post, of our luxury four poster bed, bridal suite extravaganza…and with Blond Emma and Mr.Goodhall watching.) Long story short….miracles to happen. 🙂 And today, i find out if my little *bumpa-lumpa* is a kitty cat….or a boy!?! Not that boys can’t be kitty cat’s. However, in my world, i just like to refer to girls as delicious feline fluff balls  of ‘ooh.’ I’ve also learnt that those struggling to conceive, simply need to quit stressing and just enjoy the love making process. The midwife will tell you to eat healthy, exercise, take these pills and those pills, whilst keeping an eye on your biological clock. It’s all helpful, but baloney. I had all kinds of champagne, shots, food and magic, going through my system. The only thing different, that i believe was the ‘miracle’ worker was the fact that i was filled (well literally ‘filled’ ;)) with complete and utter love. I had waited for the man of my dreams to turn up. So to have him stood at the top of the altar, in Prince tears because he loved me so much and was about to make me his, was overwhelming…and definitely made ‘sexy-time’ worth a ‘Blue Peter’ badge. It was so worth it, that a bambino was conceived that very night, at Oulton hall, out of true love.

So, this morning has been great. I still haven’t done my face yet, but we’ve managed to get Baby Ruby up and ready for nursery and consume coffee. Keiran’s been writing his blog this morning and even though i try to stay away when he’s in his office, tapping away. I can’t help but interfere with it all. I kept sauntering in, with my baby pink, inside out Primark jumper and slippers, checking up on him and cheerleading him on. I just don’t want him to think he can’t do it…because he CAN. Yet every time i see him getting a little bit frustrated, i jump in and interfere…with love and a little scrap of bright yellow paper, that i had written an endless list of Biro bullet points on, that i  would’ve been writing about, if i were ‘Keiran Thompson.’ (Controlling much! :)) Whenever, i was there sat watching him, on the bean bag tuffet. He’d sort of feel defeated and start ‘baby-like’ moaning that he couldn’t do it. So, i’d offer to leave and go make him coffee, but then he’d want me to be there a tuffet sitting, like a crutch of support. If i’m there, i can’t help but ‘butt’ in. So, i did. He was trying to type and i was behind him shouting, ‘Make a statement, tell them how that makes you feel and why it makes you feel that way!’ Nice and annoying. But whatever…i adore that he’s loving every moment of being a blogger and i think it’s really healthy for him and well everyone really to type out their life and feelings. The ‘put it out to the world’ bit, is the part that shows if you have the balls to truely open up and for a bit of attention. 🙂 We both have that and well if you watch him blog, you would be delighted. It makes my eyes smile every time and simply because he loves it.

In fact, i’m a bit alarmed because, i remember when i first started to blog and only 8 people read it a month. (Helllooo Audience.) Anyway, he’s written one big blog and a tiny ‘welcome’ paragraph and his stats show that people in 8 different countries of the world are already tuning in. (Germany, USA, UK, United Emirates, Netherlands, Singapore, Phillipines, Poland…Hmm…shows where he’s bonked and settled his bone-fest. *Angry face.*)

So i’m proud that he’s doing so well at it, and actually think it’s a really good idea for you to hear the same story from his point of view. (JUST, as i was saying lovely things about him, he has the audacity to saunter on into the bedroom, (where i blog,) all cocky and filled with ‘macho’ and with excitement and say ‘Ooh they’re reading my blog in Poland now. I must go there. I’ve heard Polish girls are FIT!’) WHAT!! Oh honey….lets not wind up the little Glamour Puss and make her turn ninja. Now, he’s trying to suck up to me and tell me that i misheard him. But only because he apparently dreamt about sex all night and wants me to give him a blowjob. 🙂 Men innit! You give them the world…and they still want a blowjob….then their tea making.

Anyway, i’ve managed to get distracted. Today is all about my bump and i can’t even tell you how thrilled i am to be finding out if it’s a boy or a girl! I can’t even believe i’m having my second baby already, it just shows you how time can fly. Well really how things can change in life so rapidly…and for the better. I love every moment of being a mum. Ruby is the most wonderful little girl, in this entire world. (She got gleefully piggybacked down the stairs today, by a fully naked, with hanging willy out Keiran. Great start to her day. Poor thing.)

Y’know, I’m not even bothered that the midwife ballsed up my blood test at my last scan, meaning that i have to do them all over again today…and that’s a shocker in itself. I’m terrified of needles. Yet just have to get on with it, if i want a healthy baby. I usually kick up a fuss, because i’m scared, however today,  I just want to know if i’m birthing a boy or a chica? It makes it that little bit more real and i feel like i can start naming the baby and swiping my debit card, for baby treats galore. This time around, i want a Baby Shower. A posh one. Be it a girl, or be it a boy. I want a Baby Shower.

I’m still in a good place in my mind and in my heart. Today nothing will blow out this flame of excitement that i have dancing over life. It all just feels magical and to be honest, all mums, when we go to scans are usually a little bit worried. I mean, you always have that niggly, ‘i hope everything’s alright’ feeling in the back of your mind. But today, i know everything will be perfectly fine.

What a big day!!

Is it a boy? Or is it a girl?

2.30pm…We find out!!






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