Better if i tried…

What a day! It kinda began on a stumble. I missed ‘Handsome Keiran’ all night, so tended to wine drinking alone and staying awake out of glitzy loneliness, laid in my bed, surrounded by wedding magazines. I called him and ofcourse he doesn’t pick up, due to poor signal and not enough ‘charge.’ I’m not a being who likes being in the ‘lone zone.’ I enjoy people. But most of all i enjoy being adored. I looked around and had nothing to adore me, but my chocolate sheets, wine and his voicemail…so i mulled around pulling faces and doing my hair in a nighty to kill time. Not sure what happened, but i woke up at 6am, with all the lights on, laid on the outside of my sheets. Lol. I tottered around, looked at things that i really should tend to, checked out my shingles and then he called..with a warm heart and a whole lot of ‘i love yous.’ I had been made to feel stressy the evening before, so it certainly made me feel much better. *Giggle here-then guzzle rum*

It took me ages to get going today. Mulling around doesn’t half make you feel lazy. It took me until noon, to realize that i actually had shit loads to do. I freaked out, bronzed, wiggled, grabbed a coffee and got on with it. There’s always too much to do in my life, that i feel as though i can never catch up. I mean, yestesrday i championed life, with a victory sign. I organized a wedding, got a contract, a cake, a dress, chose a registry. It all got the better of me, to the point where people were calling me ‘superwoman.’ Like my reply, i stated that i wear the outfit better than play the role. 🙂 I hate being all ‘un-adored’ lol. Today has been quite ‘blah’ for a kitten of my calibre. I mean, i bought CLEANING products over BOOZE today…on a FRIDAY!!! WTF is wrong with me. Carpet sponges, over Malibu! I’m completely losing grip of reality. Then the taxi driver told me i looked like ‘JLO’..which i found odd, but liked, due to a distinct need for attention. I enjoyed the Tweet that stated I should tell him that ‘my fare don’t cost a thing.‘ 🙂 He tried to give me his number (like they do)…yet by the time he had decided to scribble it down, i had already popped out of his car, flung my faux fur over my shoulder and tottered away with my cleaning products, no booze and bin..into the merry distance. Haha! Men are weird little creatures aren’t they? I’d chitter-chattered on about how i was getting married the entire £6 journey and had refrained from being flirty in the slightest. (I’m not a flirty girl. I actually find people who flirt with people for attention a *yawn fest.* I mean flirt if you fancy someone and want a bit of *wink-wink*…flirting for a bit of ‘love me, look at me,’ is s0000 2004. Plus, it shows people you’re either not happy with what you have, or not happy with yourself. 😉 ) AND it’s massively disrespectful to the person you love. I’ve always hated it when i’ve dated flirty boys, because they put a giant message out of ‘i’m with her, but i could be with you’ and well they’d hate that if i did that to them. Innit! And mainly because I could do it better, if i tried. 🙂

Anyway yeah…i don’t know why that would make him feel like he would want to bone me to Indian taxi music? Men for you.

The good thing is ‘Mummy Dearest’ then came around, with my dollop of gorgeous loin fruit Ruby. Who decided to quite cutely EAT ME out of house and home, before throwing lollipops at me, and wiggling at me to ‘One Direction.’ There’s nothing i adore more than my baby bundle of Rubes. However, she is becoming the distinct product of Keiran and I. Imagine having us raise you, for crying out loud!!! I have a Diva and a HALF. When she’s cute, she milks it. But when she doesn’t get her own way…then oh LORD HAVE MERCY! We had a bunny ear tantrum today.

The yummy thing about it all was that my mum and I sat on the sofa and got all excited about wedding planning. We thumbed through magazines, picked out cakes, flowers, lighting, thumbed through dresses and had that really great ‘mummy/daughter’ time. The kinda time where your mum is so excited that you are marrying the man of your dreams. It filled the room with utter love….then i had wine and well now i’m happy. ‘Lone time’ ain’t so bad after all.

I’m looking forward to the future. I intend to take over the world. I lvoe my little family, my hubby to be, my world, my book, my life and well good things really do happen to good people. I have my hand on my glitzy little heart and i’m shooting my dreams to the stars! I’ve never not managed to do ANYTHING, i’ve actually wanted to do in life. I’ve got this down. I’m excited for my little family’s future. Hope you are tooo…x

Love you!

Happy Friday! *Wiggle-Giggle-Pout-Wink*

(AH FUCK…I’ve left a pie burning in the OVEN!!!!! UGH!!)


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