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Evening my dainty dolls of ‘doo dee.’ We’ve hit the weekend and with a BOOM. I’m actually working on my Lash business all night and working my day job tomorrow, so my weekend (although still fun) is not one were I can throw glitter about my existence and ‘jiggy jiggy’ in local bars with ‘Handsome’ creatures of the night over wine, cocktails and winks. I kinda love working. I’m actually a bit of workaholic these days. And now that I adore where I am and what I do…it sort of makes work life feel effortless. I’m happy. Yes, i’ve had wine, but i’ve weirdly mixed it with ginger beer in order to keep it ‘ghetto fabulous!’

I’m sat on my rather retro sofa, listening to the gale force winds roaring, as I peek through curtains in my leopard print pyjamas. I don’t have the babies tonight ( 🙁 ) so everything feels odd. It feels quiet, clam..but empty. I mean, I don’t know how any Mum or an being copes with having no company or a family. Families make houses homes. It’s the swirl of mad energy that I miss. I’m quite the ‘buzz festival’ so to everything calm around me when i constantly feel wired is odd. I appreciate it only because the children love their father and to me (even after everything) it’s important to me that they still grow with him and feel loved by him, because yeah last year and the year before was a ‘dud’ for him…yet I don’t think he’s a bad person. I could actually say that if we didn’t turn nutty, he was probably the man of my dreams. My soul mate. I mean if Ruby could have anything, she would wish for Keiran and I to be back together living under one roof, happily…as a family. That’s almost her one wish. So yeah, it’s difficult at times, because Keiran and I don’t fight anymore. In fact we had a conversation today that was great. It was fun and sweet, sort of so comfortable and light. So, i’ve learnt to appreciate the times that I have to myself, as I can relax and work hard on the things that I don’t normally get to do and know that my children are happy.

Don’t fret! I’m still going on dates and keeping my eyes open and my heart open. Yet, if i’m being honest, he isn’t out the picture yet, or out of the running, so to speak. Our bond is good…so whilst i’m having fun and dating, and I will be having fun, so much fun..and dating 🙂 if i find a bond like that again…then that’s when things will change. This year is about fun, Me, getting back to living and loving life, being more social after working hard and babies, without feeling guilty and dating!

The ‘Dreamboat’ guy that I’m going on a date with next week..has been attentive and kind. He’s really made the effort to make me know that he’s serious about the date with me and that he really hopes we work out, once we meet. He’s shocked that i’m so understanding…and claims that he doesn’t want to blow it. He’s sort of kind and gentle and reliable. Not remotely a twat, which is great..and always a bonus. Lol. He looks good. Works hard. And for the first time last night we actually spoke on the phone, instead of messaged. Hearing someones voice for the first time is scary because you try and fit it to their face. He sounded very Yorkshire. Lol. But at least he could talk to me without feeling odd. In fact he was very chatty and chatty with ease. So next week, will be my first ever Tinder date. We’re off to Leeds and it’ll be fun. I’m sort of glad that it’s not tomorrow now, as the weather isn’t exciting me. When i hear wind and feel cold, heels and mini sparkly dresses aren’t my thing. I just want to hibernate and chill under blankets, until i’m drunk.

I’m also scheduling drinks in with good friend ‘Scott’ who finds work boring and is entertained by my daily text banter when life gets too dull for words and i should probably try and fit in drinks with new buddy Mike…who spent the evening sipping Mai Tai’s, in some Leeds pub, at a post Christmas do. We all sort of work hard, and it’s great because even though we all do very different things, it all kinda seems the same. WORK! Followed by drinking. Lol

I mean, I bought my co worker ‘Booty’ a bottle of wine two nights this week after work, simply to celebrate the end of another day with smiles, or pissed. I’m quite a buyer and love spending money on folk. I’m a disaster for it. So i bought another co worker a small bottle of Jack Daniels, to bring in her ‘another year older.’ She’s gonna be out in the gale force winds…and apparently going to be refused service for drinking to much. If i’m dying of’re all coming with me. 🙂

What else?

Oh the DIET is going well. I mean, everyone makes fun of me for having soya beans and slad for lunch, with fat free desserty options. But fuck it. When my hip bones are jutting out and my wasit screams SEXY, you’ll all be hating on every inch of my little Burmese booty and wishing you all had salad with me! 🙂 I’m en route to being SIZZLE HOT. I’m a confident girl…so i’m not one to think i’m unattractive I mean I wish more girls and guys would be the same, about themselve. And when i’m saying that ‘I don’t think i’m unattractive,’ and  before you all start…it’ s not because my ego is so giantly  huge. It’s simply because i have this amazing ability to see my BEST POINTS instead of focus on my bad points and celebrate them with smiles and my head held high! That is what ‘EMBRACING YOUR INNER KITTEN’ AND WHO YOU ARE is all about. It’s about seeing what’s GREAT ABOUT YOU, milking it, loving it and celebrating whilst not giving to fucks about what other negative people may have to say!

SO you should all think you’re attractive because i KNOW that I could see you and see the best in you.

Other than that…my lashes are doign SO WELL right now. In fact, so well that im headed over for investment now! Yipppee!

I can’t thank you enough and i don’t mean that with a blaze attitude. I really can’t thank you enough because i went through such a hard time emotionally and i fought the ‘plug hole’ swirl with gusto…because i knew it wasn’t going to get me down…I knew that i was lucky and had everything going for me…work, babies…talent and luck on my side. I pushed with all of my might and got back up..and once i did…i pushed even harder and worked even harder without shame. All at the same time s holding my family together and mkaing sure my children felt more than loved and had EVERYTHING they ever wished for.

I did it. And every single time you buy a pair of lashes…it proves over and over again..that no matter what life throws at you, you can make your dreams come true, simply by packing up the pity party…focusing, using your head and not letting ‘da blues’ defeat you. I hope to be an inspiration. I really do. So you should take those bricks that are being pelted at you during a downfall, catch them and start laying down a firm, strong foundation..with love…and those dame exact bricks!

I came out the storm so well..that i’m celebrating throughout the whole of this year! I’m gonna play, have fun, work hard, be a mum,  flirt and date..fall in love..and everything…all in heels and skinny, with my Gucci bag ofcourse. Lol Covered in WINE!

I’m gonna do what i do best and have FUN, whilst making every other being around me have fun tooo. I get away with being cheeky and sarcastic all the time because of charm, boobies or just plain old luck. I’m excited for the business. The investment, the PR, the work and i haven’t even pushed it yet or begun, The lash line is going to do so well, it’ll BLOW UP! I really believe in myself right now and i’ve never felt more powerful. *Sips her Ginger Beer and Wine*

I also love the fact that people have my lashes all over the world. Only a few people, but it’s all about baby step. I mean  I enjoy that there are girls in Castleford and someone in Doncaster and a chica in Spain, alongside a Glamour puss in Hollywood…with a group in Chian, all recieving their little pink ‘Chrissie Wunna’ lash box and trying on a pair of luxury mink lashes. It feel slike such an achievement, but only because I went through what seemed like so much hell.

But i will tell you that it is funny, how quickly you forget the hellish year you had, when you succeed, succeed, succeed. It is the best remedy and way to gain your strut back! Especially when you have done it yourself!!

Chrissie x




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