Beer Goggles Rock

I love this picture as it’s a great bit of advertising!! It’s sheer proof that if you drink ‘Iron Bru’ flavoured vodka WKD’s, you WILL be left with blurry beer goggled vision, and might just end up bedding some random asian girl, who looks better & better per sip, the eyes get wider, the lips get poutier, the…well you get it. Go out and buy it by the case load…and yes it is ME, and yes, you probably won’t beable to ‘bed’ me …unless i was drinking a case of Iron Bru WKDS at the same time…erm, bought by you!! Three cheers!! (clink, clink, UGH!)

3 thoughts on “Beer Goggles Rock”

  1. ok im over with 3 crates of wkd irn bru as u will need 3 to bed me chrissie lol. no realy u look choong in this pic babe but wkd is a bit ropey aint it dont beat a nice cold pint of nelson i was well pleased ot find a few bars wich do it over there i will definatly go there again to spend me readys have a good day chrissie take care babe tada scratch xxx


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