Bedtime rocks

Its bedtime for me, so i’m about to make ‘Whoopee’ with my sheets. I’ve had a bit of a ‘lounge around like a lazy cow’ kinda day. I felt like i needed to refuel as the next 2 days for me are CRAZY busy, and long long hours. I won’t get done until the early hours..and it’s my week off!! Funny!! I watched movies, about serial killer boys, watched numerous episodes of the ‘Girls next door,’ discussed my laziness with someone who’s also as lazy as I, and yeah…i think we pretty much came up with the fact that if we actually stopped being lazy buggers, we would actually get stuff done, and be swimming in our billions. Unfortunatley i am only swimming in my own fat, which is quite far from billions, but i’d like to think it’s a start!! He’s swimming in defeat. But hopefully my crap cheerleading ways will encourage him to save the world, or swim in billions…as ofcourse that would obviously be WAY more fun, than World Saving…really who has the time?? (Oh apart from every beauty pageant queen, and PETA.) I’ve now worn myself out, with my own mindless drivel, so i’m off to play in my bedtime sheets. Wish you could join me..Purrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Night! Night!

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