Beautiful Times, Love & Friendship…

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Mum: ‘Chrissie. You’re doing the wrong thing… You’re stressed right now, so you’re giving energy to the haters…instead of nurturing the fans that adore you. Don’t do that. Stop biting. It’s bad form, it’s bad business.’

Me: ‘I don’t like people talking shit about me though…and..’

Mum: ‘When you ignore the bad words, their words are irrelevant. Look at all the people saying WONDERFUL stuff about you. VOGUE for crying out loud! Whocares if Billy from the chip shop, thinks you’re a slut. Haha. Why are you laughing?’

Me: ‘Sorry…my guy friend calls his willy ‘Billy’…and it just made me laugh.’

Anyway, focusing on the positive, i feel like i’m at my most popular right now. If I showed you how well m subscription sites were doing, your eyes would jump out of their sockets. I can’t even believe it.

However, away from that…over the last couple days, (and remember iv’e been keeping myself to myself, because there’s a lot going on…) i’ve realized that I know some really great people and I have such wonderful friendships, love and support.

I was DMing Miss.Murphy yesterday, and she doesn’t really have to give two shits about Wunna land at all. Yet she does. Yes, she likes to know everything. She likes the secret scoop. I freely tell her every little niggly bit and I love it. Haha. But regardless, she’ll always make sure, that i’m okay…and i’m not sure how she always knows if i’m not? She’s like Mystic Meg, yet hotter and not as creepy, looking.

Infact, everyone I know is watching my progression or stories and are on the edge of their seat ready to have my back, incase I need them.

It’s moments like that, that make my heart whole. During times of ‘niggly,’ they inspire me. They motivate me. I’m really grateful.

Stuff is going on and it’ s not work, work is actually fabulous. Everyone always thinks it’s work. Yet business is better than ever!

Guy Model Friend: ‘Well, right now, i’m on 4,800 subscribers on my Onlyfans.’

Me: ‘That’s a juicy 48,000 Dollars a month.’

Guy Model Friend: ‘Fucking tell me about it! I left my shit day job because I made more money. It’s gay men, they’ve given me a really good start. What’s yours at?’

*Shows him.*


Me: ‘It’s the straight men. They’ve given me a good start. Haha. I’m liking this chapter of life. It’s an adventure. It’s fun. Just make the money while you can. Don’t listen to anyone who’s hating on you.’

So, you get it…work is good. Plus, I have a couple shows coming out shortly….which pay less (haha,) yet are so much fun. I’m an entertainer at filming brings me joy.

However, i’m not actually gonna tell you about the stress i’m going through. But what I will tell you, is that moments like this morning with my son, has filled my heart with joy.

Junior: ‘Mum. Touch my heart…’

(I place my hand on it..)

Junior: ‘Can you feel it?’

Me: ‘YES!!! I can feel the letter M for Mama, on it… Haha.’

Junior: (He giggles.) ‘Yes!!! It’s filled with love for you. There’s ‘M’ for ‘Mama’ all over it, Mum. Do you have a J for Juni on your heart.’

Me: ‘Oh my gosh son, I have the BIGGEST J, over my heart. Can you feel it?’

Junior: ‘Yes….and your boobie. Haha.’

Boys will be boys.

I’m a very lucky girl and if i’m being honest, even through the hardships, this is pretty much THE BEST time of my life.

On the love life front, I’m dating the best man alive. He’s the most beautiful soul and when I look at him, I can’t believe how delicious he is and how lucky i got. He’s the most loving and understanding, family man…and every day he goes out of his way to make me smile.

So from today, my energy will be distributed correctly.

When there’s so much love around, don’t waste soul on the hate. See the beauty in everything.

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