Be a Knight

Worst night EVER last night, but as always with a ‘WORST’ something, there’s always an ‘AWESOME’ something that comes out of it. I walked into a room of the most broken girls, it was ‘heartbreak hotel’ the girls that God forgot…girls who just wanted anybody, somebody to love them, girls that numbed their pain through causing themselves pain. There were girls that seemed to be dragged up, instead of raised, girls who have never known or felt the feeling of true love, girls that make out with scuzzy boys in toilets, when drunk, just because they don’t believe they can do any better, girls who wanted to make themselves love a boy, because his wallet was full, and it would be their way out… and girls, who when came into contact with me wanted to impress me soooooooo badly, yet only because i had a ‘posh stern voice,’ accepted them, laughed with them…and they felt i was almost a Mother figure to them. They fought over my attention and for the first time, i felt bad. I’m not gonna say much about the night, as it’s actually strictly confidential, but i am going to say i’ve just realised how happy i am. I’m actually a great deal more ‘Lady-like’ than i ever noticed. Infact, i’m POSH, (and not Posh Spice, as we all know she’s as common as tripe.) I’m lucky, i’m strong, i’m actually sane.  I’m beautiful, i respect other peoples things and a GREAT ROLE MODEL to YOUNG WOMEN. I’ve been blessed, and raised by the most loving tribes….and never again will i let a bunch of under privilaged girls, rummaged through my makeup, like they’ve never seen a MAC bronzer before..hahah..Jesus Christ!! Makeup is meant to be an ART…that’s why i adore it, not a bit of tuesday night ‘smack.’ I might have been a mess during 2005, but i always respected the Mac bronzer!!!

I forgot that there were girls so broken down, like that? There are definitely no girls, or infact boys like that, in my circle of friends. I’m often mixing with a mish mesh of different ‘walks’ in order to learn, and really see what’s out there. Sometimes we get so caught up in our own’ oh so important worlds’ that we forget to see the worlds of others…and appreciate the world we have created for ourselves.

All i’m gonna say, except that a baby on the train home, tried to drink my wine when i wasn’t looking. I don’t know where his mother was, so he sat next to me in his full ‘Luna Jim’ glory the whole trip, anyway where was i?? Oh…yeah, Women should be objects of beauty and your affections. They should be treated like Goddesses and with your most gentle respect. They should be loved, adored, worshipped, pampered. They should never be mistreated, hurt, or taken advantage of. The should be looked up to, nurtured and doted upon. Its funny how if you boys act like our Knights, we girls and quite suddenly turn into Princesses… Men usually treat me well, and i think it’s because i don’t let them treat me badly. If they do treat me badly, then they are the ones that usually end up in tears, once the conversation is over.  Infact, i don’t take ANY shite whatsoever (and i’ve learnt this by taking sooooo much shite in the past)..ask ‘latin lover.’ He has definitely taken some ‘Chrissie Wunna,’ emotional thumps to the head, when i feel he’s done wrong.. yet he takes it, in dying hope that i never lose that about myself.

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