Batman, Cuddles & Onesizes

Worked ALL day and i’m hilariously shattered. I only worked a full, straight 8 hrs, after a full, straight 8 hrs yesterday and OMG i’m finding it knackering. Yeah, it’s fun. Yeah it gets boring at times. But holy moly…working long and hard for a continuous amount of time is something this little Kitty of Ultimate ‘leisure’ needs to get used to. I’m no longer pulling my groin. But the exhaustion is still deliciously brewing.

If, i’m honest, i was mildy grumbly for one part of the day (remember that i am currently helping to promote ‘Xercise 4 less, with a wink and a pout and a ‘Here’s a free membership for you to win.’) However, that was only because i ran into the rudest man i had ever crossed paths with. If i hate anything, I HATE bad manners! When i say ‘rude,‘ i don’t mean ‘feel me up’ kinda rudey. That i can handle! I mean, being a ‘grumpy fucking bastard’ rude…and well I’m all glitter and light, therefore, ‘grumpy fucking bastards’ really DO get on my tits!  If you’re gonna mope around the streets of Wakefield, with a frown, bad attitude and by potted plants Mister. You should be HAPPY, that i’m saying ‘hello’ to you and not miserable with a ‘shun’ hand, like i have some kind of disgusting lergy!

With me being quite egotistical and used to hearing how i’m adored by the masses..:) …i found his behaviour alarming. Therefore i actually stopped him, made him *pause* for a second andnwent with a, ‘Why are you so miserable? You don’t even know what i was going to say to you? It could’ve been something amazing.’ He made a poor attempt at being funny. Then after i looked at him, like i thought HE was a ‘shun’ hand. He then apologised and flipping cracked a smile! Then i walked off to wave at other people, who enjoy life and don’t mumble around, tripping over their ‘grumpy bastard’ chin.

Anyway, luckily i snapped back to being delightfully gleeful. (It’s amazing how the actions of ONE random person you meet or hear can sometimes alter your mood completely. You get pulled into their world, their path for a moment, until you shake it off. I’ve been spoilt with positivity recently, therefore having a ‘party pooper’ really knocked me back for a moment.) The rest of the day was lovely, warm and easy. I had a blast, but wished my *bump* was easier to disguise. I should really be embracing it. Yet, i never just mention it to people anymore, because for some bizarre reason, i oddly believe everyone already knows!

I worked hard and loved it totally. I’m actually getting fitter…(not as in ‘delicious,’ but as in ‘can actually run up stairs fast and everything.’) I have a WHOLE other 8hr day of promoting tomorrow in Wakefield. I’m actually proud of how well i’m kind of handling it all. I’m being prepped for what lies ahead and it’s terrifying!

Other than all that, i will tell you that i after working all day, i DID sit next to BATMAN!! He was on his mobile telling girls to meet him outside ‘Pizza Express,’ as i rudely played with his ears, out of curiousity! Funny little buggers they are! I think i might have accidentally *cuddled* him too…haha…and without his consent. I’m not one to be sitting next to a ‘being‘ dressed as Batman and not notice him, let alone LOVE him. I’ve noticed how a lot of people in England, (unlike Hollywood) can be sat next to ‘Batman’ and pretend like they haven’t even noticed..which i find weird? Lol. More weird than being in a Mercedes dressed as ‘Batman.’

Anyway enough of all that! Not only am i addicted to buying furry baby grows, that have ears attached to them for my upcoming baby girl. ( I NOW CAN’T WAIT for her arrival!!! I CAN’T WAIT to be a MUMMY! It will change my ENTIRE world!) But i also noticed that you can buy ADULT sized ‘Onesizes’ from Primark. They’re kinky little things. All for a grown up, but should be on a newborn. I’m confused by them…yet dazzled and therefore find myself NEEDING one. I’m gonna plonk my fat self into one, then do *pouty* faces at Loverboy, to see if he gets horny? If he does..then i shall be forced to leave him. 🙂

I love you all! (But more the ones that don’t try and tell me HOW TO BE. Or HOW I AM. Or WHAT TO DO! 🙂 I know how to be ‘Chrissie Wunna’ because I AM HER! Lol. I know how i truthfully am…because believe it or not…I AM HER!!) My life isn’t a game or a fantasy for people to alter? I’m a real life person, stumbling through life my own kind of way! 🙂 I do my best. Yet accidentally, keep getting lucky! No matter what you do, just make your story worth telling and learn from your experiences!! I chose to live my life thoroughly, fearlessly and glitter glowing! I’ve always been free spirited. I’ve always been non-judgemental. I don’t tell anyone to BE like ME. I encouarge others to truly BE who THEY are!

 Anyway, I’m shattered. A Man-witch gave me a latte today and a hedgehog made of chocolate. Oh and don’t forget that i have a cosmetics line all here and waiting for you to get your grubby hands on and a book currently being worked on BY MOI…right now at the same time as juggling LIFE! It’s all getting hectic! I really could do with a gin! Is anyone else not feeling Halloweeny this year? Due to the fact that i was unable to dress slaggy, i decided to pretend like Halloween wasn’t happening. I do that with everything. But whatever ghosts, gouls, devils and whores? I’m not terrified nor am i bothered. I’m freezing. Bring on Xmas!!! I’m in this weird ‘daze’ of exhaustion. I feel half wake, half sleep. I’m chilling on auto-pilot…but doing it with panache.


3 thoughts on “Batman, Cuddles & Onesizes”

  1. Hi Read the above blog like it. I liked the part about the grumpy old guy I think you showed him and didn’t let him get u down good for u!! YAY!!! Batman that musta been wilde too. Well glad to hear things are good. Baby is a girl that is cool. Have u all figured out a name yet. I am waiting for the book that u come out with. Cosmetics I don’t know hum? Well it’s been fun. Cheers

  2. haha, Hi lovely! Hope ur well. I adore ur comments. Yeah life is a bit much right now. lol. I’ll be happy when i’m all rested and dandy, with bambino in arms! I really hope ur having a brilliant Halloween. big loves C x


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