Bastard loves trannies

So i just got yelled at by my Mother (who’s currently at a meditation retreat, where you’re forbidden to talk for 10 days, so i’m not quite sure how she managed to yell?…) for inappropriately naming my darling ‘Fluff pet,’ on Facebook. Is it really the end of the world? I believe not! I think the yelling kind of went something like this:

‘Most children name their Fluff pet, ”Candy” or ”Honeychild” or ”Bruno.” My child, names her’s ”Bastard.” And to slop a bit of icing on the flipping cake, she makes her Fluff pet, ”Bastard” say things like, ”I love trannies.” Why are you laughing??? This is not normal Christina….(then the rest was in Burmese.)’ Hahahaha…hilarious!! I like the word ‘bastard,’ especially using the word properly, the way it’s supposed to be used, which can be explained in any Oxford English Dictionary.

It did end in laughter, however i do have to state that i guess, in the ‘Wunna’ household, FULL frontal nudity, is completely okay, and often applauded, yet under no circumstances should you EVER name your ‘not even real’ cyber bumblebee ‘Fluff pet’ on Facebook…’such vicious names like…’Bastard.’ I’ll remember that in the future…for when i yell at my daughter….if i ever hurry up and have one. What were the birds and the bees again? Fuck it, i’ll just wait for the Stork. (Just incase your a proper jolly pervert, that doesn’t mean ‘Chrissie has sex with winged birds,’ needed to clear that up, as i’m getting the weirdest fan mail?)

Anyway, i’ve got to go, as i’m feeling like a bowl of celery soup. I actually forgot it was church going Sunday today…it felt like a Tuesday to me? It’s always bad when you no longer know what day it is and every day feels like a Tuesday. I’m gonna go do my do, and wait for stardom to come smack me in my goddam beautiful face!!

2 thoughts on “Bastard loves trannies”

  1. it sounds like u got cool parents if they are on facebook me old girl aint on onthing like that or me old man. it is a funny name ot call it what is a fluffy pet on facebook anyway
    half the stuff on there is pointless. i hope u are having a good sunday do u often go church then chrissie, i just come back from a sunday roast down the pub with my mate have a great week chrissie and have fun in gods gaffe chrissie tada scratch

  2. I’ll have you know I AM a jolly pervert and I DIDN’T think you meant you were “having sex with a stork”…..

    …i thought you meant you were having sex with low fat margerine…



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