Balls to you

Hi my babies! So i’ve just woken up, it’s about 9.45am, i kind of wish i woke up in Hollywood, but the good old sun is out today, therefore i believe i feel ‘Ooooh Laaa.’ (work it daddy-o) I’m starting to build my schedule of work back up, as i’m wanting the right person to photograph the ‘twins..” (i treat them like they’re my children) infact i said to ‘Latin Lover’ last night that if we ever had a child, it would be my third. He just did the ‘yep, yep, i’ll pretend like i know what she’s rabbiting on about’ thing. I love him dearly, yet i’m getting a bit pissed off at him, as it seems he has no ambition. He’s really lazy. And boys, laziness is NOT HOT!! God i wish i was in LA, so i could jab a stiletto up his arse, to shock his system into movement. We’re completely opposite…but he is a lot nicer than i am!!!

Anyway who cares?! I don’t get what this whole ‘ Are David Beckhams balls airbrushed’ debate is about?? They don’t look ‘tampered with’ too me?? I think he has an very normal sized sack of balls. A bunch of my friends and i were at the Mondrian hotel, one evening in LA…they removed their ‘coverings’ i viewed about 5 sacks of fresh sweaty bulbus ball sacks. They all looked as big as Beckhams?? Definitely more than a full mouthful!! Then as i left to go have fun..a ‘hoochie mama’ from downstairs, that they had scouted by telling her some tragic tale, strutted up to our room, with stars in her eyes. She unfortunately and quite willingly tasted all their sweaty ball sacks that night!! GROSS!! They never talked to her again!! What would her mother say!! lol…

I’m off to get coffee, and ponder my return to Los Angeles

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  1. im pleased u are felling alright this morning and the sun is out for u today chrissie it aint ment to be to sad either iherd we might get 24 if u know what that means. i bet u cant wait ot get bakc to la babe it sounds mustard. to be fair i have never noticed or cared about the size of bechams bollox all icare about is him doing the buisness for england mclaren was a fragel for dropping him. i cant wait till u get a shoot done with your new thrupneys babe i cant wait to see what they look like. have a good day chrsiie and a good week. make the most of being back in england where u can get a pint of wife beater on tap and jellied eels. even though it sounds like u do the beating babe lol. tada scratch


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