Balls of Bombardy Fire…


Morning my little kitty cats. I have sooo much frantically whizzing around my head right now that i need a wine, a moment and a ‘calm down’ in order to be able to ‘Queen of Greatness’ with a panache that will make the Gods of ‘ooh laa’ shiver with excitement.

I’m not actually too sure how it’s all just dawned on me, out of nowhere, like a rabbit in the headlights, because I had the most glorious day of chillax, cuddles, ‘bubble’ time and love making with my delicious ‘Handsome Keiran’ yesterday. ALL yesterday. It was bliss because i haven’t been able to have such time with him over the last few months. Now that i’m a glitzy bum-fest..i have time to love fully. We cuddled, ate junk food and bonked at appropriate times, with smiles on our faces and a glow in our hearts. We’re up to something right now, that takes a lot of ‘ooh yeah Daddio.’ My poor little soldier was a very busy boy. I don’t think we have ever bonked that much in such a small space of time. It was love making at its finest, full of giggles, fun, the correct positioning, talking like 5 year olds, running around maked, making sure he was replenished and hope. We actually tired ourselves! (‘Are you replenished yet Keiran?*Flings off knickers*)

After bonking…i would lay naked on the floor doing an upward cycle. He would smile, pass me a cushion from the scatterback sofa, then saunter outside, in a pair of comfy shorts to hit golf balls in the garden. 🙂 Great day. We are madly in love. It really does feel good to find you’re ‘forever.’ Even if you think you’ll never find him…he’ll find you in the end and simply because that’s how Cupid works. I’ve learnt that if you love ‘love,’ then it will love you back…Kinda like with everything really. Except we complicate it out of insecurity. I don’t and never have. Hence why i’ve experienced a delicious revolving door and ‘good times.’ I could’ve done with complicating it all a little more. But in the end Cupid gave me my ‘happy ending’ and thank the good lord for it.

Okay, so for the first time in a long time, i got to have a lay in! Woohoo! I woke up slowy, naked and in cream sheets, with the sun and blue skies beamin gin and with my ‘otherside of the pillow’ cuddling me, like he couldn’t love me anymore that in that moment. It felt marvellous and was just what i needed.

Then i got up and like i said, i don’t know what happened, but my mind whizzed up, went crazy and before you know it i’m pacing from the living room, to the kitchen, back and forth, back and forth…trying to tame a very very busy mind of ‘to do list.’

I feel like i have so much going on at once and where as most people get to tackle one thing at a time, i’m being poured upon with happy opportunity, (i’m not complaing i adore it) ALL AT ONCE. I’m not organized at the best of times. I wing things with a wiggle and a wine. Now i’m having to be responsible. I have a wedding, a book, a little secret, a career, a life, a love, mummyhood and very new chapters in all of those areas. I think i just need a wine. I can’t handle it sober. I’m not stressed, i’m happy. Yet it’s just like being bombarded by balls of glory all at once. ..and not the kinda balls 😉 i’m used to! These ones are on fire and are filled with ‘dreams come true,’ money and future. The ones i’m used to tell me they love me and smell like pickled onions when sweaty. (There’s some random cat at my pation door, looking at me like i should want to feed him?)

Today, i’ve got to resend personal photos, write another chapter for the book, delve into a part of my past that i had deliberately chosen to throw in the junk room of my mind and i have writers block. Wazza came around last night to fix things that were laptoppy. Both Keiran and Waz were tapping away on the keys of notebooks, ipads and what nots. After about 30 minutes and a gossip about the past it was all done. I have no idea what is wrong with me right now…i just need to wrestle the bull in my head down..and champion my way to victory.

I want to do well in life and now i can. It’s funny how terrified to get, when you are given the opportunity to soar, be it in love, life or career. I want to be the best at everything i do and well…sometimes you really just do need a wine to make it all run that bit smoothly. 😉

If i didn’t have Keiran and Baby Ruby right now, i feel like i wouldn’t have anything. I’ve always been everyone’s rock, this time, i sort of need something to cling onto and tell me everythings going to be okay. Luckily, i know they are, it’s just the realizing of what you have achieved, or about to achieve…that gets to. I need to find my ‘Va Voom’ again and frisbee Wunna Land around this ‘should be a bit more cocktailed’ world. *Wiggle-Pout-Hip Bump.*


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