Bad to the Bone

Soooo narked off right now! I always get these ‘Warnings’ from various popular social networking sites, basically giving me a stern telling off (via alarmingly scary coloured ‘pop-up’s) for ‘inappropriate-may be offensive’ photos. I got one today from Facebook. WHAT!!!! YOU guys are out of your MINDS!! There is absolutely NOTHING, remotely breaking the ‘code of conduct’ on my Facebook Profile. And the fact that there’s a whole ‘giggly-gaggle ‘of girls, with the exact same ‘type’ of photos, (some a lot more scandalous,) ALLOWED to plonk up their picture..makes me ‘Ninja karate chop’ MAD!! This happens to Me… ALL the time. It’s not fair and it’s only because little ‘Chrissie Wunna’ usually comes with a ‘Naughty, Naughty’ tag. Yeah, I’m known for being a cheeky trouble- maker, AND making a glorious amount of mistakes…yet stop SCORNING Me, before i’ve even had time to make one!! (Swines!) You’re ruining the whole purpose to my existence. (haha) No really you are..

So, if you reported my ‘no boobs, nipples, or anything out’ picture as ‘inappropriate’, then you’re a ‘Walk into trees…PILLOCK!’ It was a picture of my FACE!! Even my FACE is not allowed on f****** FACE-book! Tragical! The sheer injustice of it,  just makes me want to be baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad. Bring it!

4 thoughts on “Bad to the Bone”

  1. fucking mugs they want ot pipe down the fragels they have to many rules on facebook dont they dickheads. noine of your pics are offensive chrissie and if they continue to get lemond babe tell em to have a word in my shell i will set em straight


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