Bad things happen to people in Bad moods!

God!! Bad things keep happening to me, and it’s because i’ve had quite a negative frame of mind today…methinks?? Y’know, i haven’t proper belly laughed in AGES. I haven’t laughed out loud in months. I haven’t found anything funny (i only enjoy humour at the expense of others)…hahah…which i guess is funny in itself, but not ‘belly laugh’ funny. And yeah, God, or a book, or Oprah, or Madonna says that it’s extremely unhealthy to not have a good old BELLY laugh!! I agree!! I need to think positive. I need to block out the things that make me moody (i seem to be surrounded by it quite often, which sucks.) I need to smile more often. I need to not listen to those who bicker and try to drag you into their ‘topsy turvy.’ So from now on, i’m going to smile all day, everyday, and at everything, and YES i WILL look like a moron, but when people smile their FUCKING CARS DON’T BREAK DOWN!!!

I have a massive shoot tomorrow, and i have no idea how i’m gonna get there? Where’s my bloody Fairy Godmother?? Whatever, it’ll work out, smile, smile, smile…. I have sooooooooo many people calling me, telling me to call other people, and  suggesting i call them quite urgently. I have emails galore, going right up my arse and back. I have fake tan flying everywhere, hair extentions not extending, bags waiting to be packed, and …..fuck it….a smile on my face!!!

3 thoughts on “Bad things happen to people in Bad moods!”

  1. Serious reply: You need to laugh. It’s wrong that you aren’t. You’re one of the funniest fucking people I know, you always put a smile on my face and a grin in my pants…

    HUGE huge & a few tickles too



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