Back to Work Tomorrow & Dirty Fecking parrots

Long but great bank holiday. Woke up to my phone ringing with people telling me i should’ve been at work. Oops! Haha…already a professional. I’m having a busy time…hunting, cunting and turning people into celebrities, whilst conning people and selling things. I’m loving life and well had a little ‘catch up’ today with a ‘someone’ who i often miss.

I’m currently in a bedroom, not my own, blogging, whilst my friend in question is choosing to be racist. LOL. I’ve made a boy lose a poker game. I love midgets. I have a looong day of work tomorrow beginning at 8am and i’m actually excited. However, i do want a promotion so i can get to the part of life where i sit in my rather giant office, do fuck all, boss people around and abuse my power.

I haven’t had sex in ages and i’m really yearning for it. Hahah… I’m crap at being a slag now. I’ve been too fucking busy to fit it in. (ooh-er.) But on a good note, i’ve been asked out a lot over the last week. (Which is always good for the ego. lol) I fancy having a bit of a boyfriend….but it has to be a being who understands my work load. I’m juggling lots and trying to flipping orgainzing my new appartment. There are a few interested suitors…but i know who i like and well what i like. (Wink wink) I’m sitting next to an aggressive drunk! He’s pretending to be a spastic and showing me his scarf collection. There’s a parrot telling me to’ go fuck myself’ and telling me to ‘show him my tits.‘ Then after i kindly compliment the feeling on one particular scarf…i get yelled at and told ‘ Course it does!! It’s Vivenne fucking Westwood.’

London life is treating me gooood. I’m use to being here, therfore it’s not really a massive change. Well it is from LA! I’m having lots of fun. I’m loving working…i actually miss it when i’m not there..which means i’m a loser. I have a wine in my hand…a date on the cards, an ex, an ego and a new found sense of power.

As soon as tomorrow starts…i’ll be running none stop. But bare with me, life is about to get pretty goddam good. (she clicks, she hair tosses, and calls her subjects to fan herself down.)

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