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Quick blog before i evnture off into the lovely Indian summer in Pontefract for dinner, with family. I’ve had a wonderful ‘last night’ filled with love, magic, love and well…delicious. Kisses, cuddles, making up and ‘pumpy’ was tended to and i’ve never felt happier.

Loverboy and i are back on track and happier than ever before. I guess i am mental after all because from what i can see this is a ‘handsome’ that truely loves me, with all that he is. I know this simply by the way he looks at me, even when i’m not looking. Being preggo, really does do a hormonal number on you, as for me, it taps into a side of me, that i never even knew i had. My body has changed, my life has changed and with it…you become a great deal more insecure. However, what went wrong has now been made right. We’ve BOTH sat on our naughty steps and done it with ice-cream.

Luckily, i’m back to my darling, confident and playful self. I’ve never felt so adored and loved truely. I need to remember that! He’s no longer walking on eggshells and we’ve gotten back to the fairytale.

I woke up next to the man of my dreams, after an X-Factor night and cuddles. I had to creep away this morning to go on a secret mission, for Loverboy’s ‘on Thursday’ birthday, and it sucks that i can’t tell you about it…until then! UGH. Hilarious morning.

I will tell you that, what i HAVE learnt is that life really is too short for pointless bitchiness and grudge holding, if deep down you care. I intended to be EVIL to Pete all day yesterday to show him who was boss. I did and looked like a major twat! HAHA. I looked like a twat because it went against nthe grain of who i really am. I was in my passenger seat, spitting out venom, and telling him i hated him, with a series of ‘angry’ faces…arms folded, with A-to the -TUDE  a flowing.  Dale Winton came on the radio and decided to play ‘Always look on the Bright side of life’ making my ‘moment’ look 98% retarded. HAHA. I was trying to be angry ‘Whitney on crack,’ as we trundled along to Monty-fucking-python tunes..,nursery rhymes and Dale Winton. Cupid was just having none of it.

YET, I am awarding myself points for at least attempting to be a BITCHEROO. My the time we got back to his and he did ‘dreamy eyes’ at me, whilst making oven food…i forgave myself and got on the love train. I saw that i had drove him to drinking in the day…therefore i thought i’d better give in and simply because i don’t like people who drink in the day without me.

Anyway, i’m in love, feel love, completed my secret mission perfectly and with my Mum and brother in tow. I’m in a TO DIE FOR dress and ready for my roast dinner. Life and love isn’t that hard if you just keep it simple. If i practiced what i preached….i’d be a very rich girl. However, if i did that…i’d also be a total *snooze fest.* I LOVE being the girl who always gets it wrong, before getting it right. I’m life trained…and in Chanel.

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