Back to London I Go-age

I’ve woken up to the most beautiful morning filled with blue skies, chirping birds and leopard print cups filled to the brim with tea! I initially opened my eyes at 7.29am, after being poked by a Great Lady who felt the need to emotionally pour her life upon me, via language. I’m a wonderful listener when tired. I pretend i’m listening and just fall back to sleep.

I’m feeling, cheeky, delicious and a little bit sick this morning. I have that nausea thing again, where i wake up, eat a Weetabix and want to maybe do a little puke. I didn’t puked (and because i’m a glamour puss.) but the thought of puking did bring back haunting memories from my drunken past of marvel. I remember crawling up some really posh street, in Kensington, in a baby pink dress, after having fallen on the pavement through tipsiness, after a boy didn’t love me. Everything fell out of my clutch and scattered around me, as if it where trying to escape the madness. A wonderful hotel concierge, found me, (whilst i was scaling a wall, to try and find my way back to luxury) and without uttering a single word of disapproval, he smiled and gently escorted me to my giant upgraded princess suite. I tucked myself in, (still in my party clothes) and vomitted. I loved that concierge..he reminded me of the one in the movie ‘Pretty woman,’ who helps Julia Roberts buy a dress, when no-one else in Beverly Hills would.

Anyway enough of all the *rubba-bubba,* lets get back to the magic! Today, i’ve got to venture back to London. It seems as though i’ve only just got back. But i’m having to yo-yo, back and forth for work. I’m trying to keep as fit as possible. Yet i won’t lie. It’s exhausting me. I’m an oldie now and it really is true when people tell you that your body slows down on you when you get older. My mind is fast, but my body is sat on a bench somewhere, in a lovely park of ‘quiet time.’

I get stopped a quite a lot by delightful life passengers and told in astonishment that I look divinely young for my age. However, let me tell you…it doesn’t really matter how old you’re body will still conk out on you. It’s important to take care of it. I never did and now i will have to pay! (For surgery ofcourse. 🙂 ) *Calls Doctor-Cries into her salad.*

I really am having an ‘i can’t be arsed to go to London’ day today. Someone’s gonna have to literally *boot*me on that train, with a Lucozade and a sparkler, to make me go. (Sparklers distract me.) I just keep trying to remember that, you don’t get anywhere in life if you don’t work hard. It’s a concept that makes me sick. I’ve been a lady of leisure for most of my pussy years and believe me when i say that, that was a time when i had never been more content. My mum ALWAYS told me, to enjoy the peace..because once i start working, i would have zero time for myself. (UGH…i hate the fact that i never listen. I’m awlays one to soldier on, doing everything my own stupid goddamn way!)

When i’m doing something that i actually have a passion for, i enjoy every moment of it, whole heartedly. When i’m not, and i’m simply collecting a *pay check* i resent each moment of the work. Do not do jobs that you hate. It will eat away at your soul. Live your fairytale and make your dreams come true!

Ugh, i’ve got to get ready, and pack. I don’t at all want to. I just want to chill and relax. Right now in life,  i feel a bit like a toy or a possession that everyone is a playing tug of war with. Everyone seems to want to hang out, and are fighting their merry way for a tiny bit of Wunna time. (Aaah, i was never very humble.)  I mean, I don’t at all mind..but my arms don’t stretch as far wide as my legs do. Be gentle with me. Purr….:)

I’ve got to go pack. UGH!! No doubt i’ll think of more pathetically tragic, exciting new ideas to toy with that will get me into trouble or cause me to have another bubbly vagina outbreak.

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