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Afternoony folks!

Okay, so i’ll try and start, where i left off…(I usually leave a ‘left off’ with a blow kiss, a sprinkle of glitter and a smudge of fake tan before a strut…however, Wunna land decided to get a little more tense than i expected…meaning there were a few jolly little things that needed to get sorted! Yipppeee. Cups of tea for everyone!)

Anyway, what night was it? Tuesday. Right, Keiran had gone away to London for the day for work and i had spent the day feeling glorious, after an awkward time of us fighting. He got back. He wasn’t what any kitten could call chipper. We blanked each other for a good few hours, then my Mother came over to have a bit of a brew and a wee bit of banter, with Rubes, who had thoroughly enjoyed every joyous moment at nursery. (I’m close to my mum and i’ve felt sooo attached to Ruby of recent that it’s almost unhealthy. I don’t know why? It’s the pregnancy i’m sure and the fact that she’s grown into a little ME. I mean, i’m missing her enough to weep when she’s simply popped over to nursery for a second. Lol. Helllo hormones! *Stuffs face with carbs.)

That night, when all was calm. Keiran returned from the gym, after letting his frustration boil up inside him and well i hate people blanking me. I always prefer it when they’re making up with me. Plus my hormones are making me extra sassy, meaning i’m not backing down to anything right now. I’m Miss.Wunna at her finest. There’s Diva and there’s Deeeeeeva! When i’m hapy, i’m happy, but if i’m that little bit narky…my hormones get the better of me and i’m a *snappy snap* spoonful of feist. (Dipped in sugar ofcourse.) I’m certainly taking no prisoners and well there may be a wink at the end of it, yet still i’m as sharp as can be, to the point where i’ve becoming lovingly FEARLESS.

Okay, so he was happy when he got back from the gym because my mum was over and Baby Ruby was all a play. Things were fine, all was jolly, then as time passed and the tick-tocks of that glitzy hour continued it turned into a what i call a much needed BLOW OUT.

Without going into it, there was my darling self, my Mother and my husband, all in a little living room, protected by little Ackworth walls and a big world around it, guiding us to a better time and well WE JUST YELLED. There was pointing, swearing, yelling, argueing, more pointing, more yelling to the point where i ended up doing what any little Glamour puss would do in her hour of need. (No not spritz. Plus, i can’t even drink right now. UGH!) I packed an overnight bag and armed with the tiny fruit of my loins travelled over to my Mothers, and stayed there for the night to simply get away from the stress.

Next morning, i woke up feeling delightful. The bright blue skies burst through my countryside windows and the morning was crisp. My little girl looked at me with a giggle in her eyes and a wiggle in her stance and for the first time ever i got to actually WALK her to nursery. We were hand in hand, enjoying a crisp Autumn morning, (armed with my brother) and doing cow impressions every moment we could. ‘Mummmeeeee, MOOOOOO Mooo MOOOO!’ #bestmorningever It really is those moments that make your life worth it. However, we’ve all frisbeed into a world where we have to work so hard just to make ends meet and buy the lifestyle we want, in order to be happy or feel of worth. That’s not what life is about. Yet we’re all getting trapped in the game of it all. I’m certainly a culprit for it. That’s why i’d much prefer a lottery win, so i can fully enjoy being a mummy and wife, the way i want to be. ย It’s like we have to buy our freedom. Not easy. But doable. However, only worth doing, if you always remember what life is actually about.

After the nursery run, i taxied back home to see how my hubs was ding. Sometimes men just need time to chill and when they’ve calmed down…they’re able to rethink, recoup and relove. I’d never left the house before, after a fight to go to my mothers. So it certainly wasn’t a little thing. It was a big deal. Anyway, i walked up to my patio doors, feeling slighty uneasy and well tried to unlock the door. I couldn’t because he had left his key in the slot, so i ended up knocking, in my little pink jumper and my weave all a mess.

He come to the door, opens it immediately and straight away with a warm loving heart, a sense of relief, cuddled me, apologised and hoped we were all okay. And we were. That’s always been the good thing about us. Our ability to just get back to ‘fairytale’ and get on with it, because we know what’s important. Meaning our love hasn’t run out and we took our vows seriously. We simply just don’t take the *bumps* in the road too smoothly and because we’re feisty. Infact, that’s not why we don’t take the bumps smoothly. We don’t take them smoothly because we are sensitive.

From that moment, we’ve been back in the bubble and in love. We happy lunched and went on a beautiful afternoon walk, in the Autumn crisp sunshine, around Newmiller Dam, by old people, dogs and ducks. Then it got cold and he could tell that my face was mildy disapproving, so he bundled me and our soon to be new addition back into the warmth for a travel back home to snuggle on the sofa.

It feels so good to be back on track and have everything running to the beat of true love again. We do have moments of ‘ouchie’ when we both decide to get feisty. Yet i’m being as calm as i quite possibly can, but right now i’m feeling uncontrollably hormonal and that’s normal for someone in my position right now. It’s a funny time, where you just eat more, get the giggles, feel a bit more saucy, feel a bit sicky and then either cry or get a bit shouty for no real reason, other than your feelings have got hurt. I always think for women pregnancy begins when they see that test strike a ‘positive’ and for men it begins 9 months later. We’ve had some really lovely times together though over the last couple of days. He’s been loving and tickly and far too horny for his own good. I’m literally having to fight him off me whilst shouting ‘NO MONEY! NO HONEY! NO MONEY! NO HONEY!’

I think he’s quite overwelmed by everything that’s going on right now. Not in a bad way…a good way. A really good way. As we’re going through so many changes and going through them so fast that it’s a difficult thing to absorb really. We’re signing to agents, we’re working in tv, we’ve got day jobs to tend to, parenting to enjoy, we’ve just got married. we’re trying to buy the life that we want and now…this. Happy surprise. Yes. But thoroughly overwhelming. Plus, ย I’m a lot more scared the second time around and i don’t at all know why? It already feels nerve wrecking. Yet i’m a trooper and i’m gonna glide forward fabulously grabbing love, and paychecks whenever i can. ๐Ÿ™‚ Keiran’s a very sensitive male and well if you were at my wedding you would have witnessed his emotional side. Before we got the wedding day, he was scared and suffocated by drama, so he played up a little. On the day he was calm, then broke down with happy tears of relief and the days after he is and has been in a euphoric state of ‘Cloud 9.’ (With the odd slip up. ๐Ÿ™‚ However, that has been sorted.)

I’m still exhausted, yet need to stop feeling so lazy and stop over eating. I NEVER OVER EAT and i am stuffing my face with all sorts, to the point where i’m even annoying myself. I guess a body in motion stays in motion, so i need to hurry up and get active. I want to rocket forward in entertainment now. I have the book to promote during Christmas. I need to start really making the pennies now, as i have another little pitter patter arriving and well i just want my life to be the way i want it to be. Only i can do that and i can only do it by working hard. (God my cheeks are even getting fatter. I can FEEL them getting fatter! How can this be? ๐Ÿ™ )

It’s Friday and chilled, so i have the weekend to relax. i need a massage and good old family time of rest. I think i may have a busy-ish Monday and i have a Tuesday in London. (The agent booked me a job, so i’m trundling off to ‘have a go’ at being entertaining..which plleeease, i’m an expert at. ๐Ÿ™‚ ) I might have to stay over. I don’t know yet? I meet need a place to kip. But i have a free Wednesday. Then Thursday, i’m back in London for filming and photo shooting. Then i have a meeting Friday in Sheffield, i think? That’s my week. (Whilst nursing ‘z’bundle.)

Anyway, i’m sure it’s snack time, or cuppa tea time right now, so i’m off to be a fatso and enjoy my time off. I have another blog coming up shortly. This one was simply to tell you that we’re back to ‘fairytale’ and all is well. It really does make things much easier and more importantly happier. I hated it when we weren’t talking, as it complicated life. I’m not a girl who like complications. I like things to be easy. Be it life, jobs, boys or well everything…

Keiran wants twins and if not twins…TRIPLETS…if not more. WTF! My body simply can’t produce that many happy humans in one go. And can you imagine,..’Hi i’m Chrissie, yeah here are my 42 children…Oh sorry, that one’s a bit miserable it came out 27th and doesn’t feel loved. Rubes, wheel in the other 15.’

I don’t think so…












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