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So, my sexy little jibblets. How the devil are you feeling? Refreshed? Loved? Filled with ambition? I really do hope so as i have a gentle tickle of a *murmur* that some of y’all have a standard case of the ‘back to work’ blues, with a touch of le hangover, dipped in ‘he didn’t love me afterall,’ with a dash of ‘ah well.’ That happens and well it’s just called life. The ability to be able to look back, give your mistakes a good old *wink,* and wiggle off into the distance with a ‘bounce back.’ If you have bad habits, this is a great time to rid yourself of them. However even better, instead of quitting something, why not take up something that’s mildy more productive. That way it’s a win, win for (well i was gonna say everyone, but i really just mean YOU.) Hurrah and all that jazz.

I on the other hand am feeling marvellous. Not to rub it in or anything, yet purely to rub it in and everything…I’m literally over the moonage. After our first glorious night at Oulton hall, i decided we loved the 5* luxury so much, that we went with ‘fuck it’ and i last minute booked another night at the hotel to treat my little family to more good old fashioned ‘ooh laa’ and well celebrate the new year!

They loved it and who wouldn’t, i mean, as it rained outside, we 9decked in love, slanted eyes and a six pack) delighted in room service, spa, steam rooms, mood lit swimming poolsand the toasting in white robes, whilst watching really strong men lift things, in bed. The dinner we had the even before, with my entire family was a marvel and we dined on perfectly delicious curses fit for a Queen. It just felt right and like we forever belonged there.

To be honest, i couldn’t actually find an available hotel for the following night, yet wanted to surprise the kiddie winkle and hubby. In the end i booked the Premier Inn, after finding out there were no rooms available at Oulton Hall that weren’t under £352 per night. So with glum faces, we drive all the way back home and had a bit of lunch in a nearby pub. THEN just as any kitty cat would, the urge to be around luxury and my love for my little Rubes and Keiran kicked in and i just wasn’t going to begin my 2013 in The Premier Inn. I searched and searched and searched a little more, all frantic and stressy, like the busiest little bee in town and with only 3 minutes to spare, (i was on a cancellation policy time frame… the worst time frame you can be on when sober. When you’re sober, you care more about losing money.) Anyway…yeah…i cancelled The Premier Inn and last minute booked Oulton Hall, for the bargain rice of £170, which they had lingering on their website. Yippeee!! Call me a genius. I’ll let you.

Suddenly, i swaggered back in the pub, where my starving husband was waiting to dine. (I had run outside to deal with my own booking drama.) I can’t do ‘dealing with’ infront of people, when it’s dramatical. Unless i’m on the telly and being paid a lot. 🙂 Or even on the telly and not being paid at all.

I was all cocky and swiggedy. The whopped out my phone, showed it to my other half and there you had it, a message from Oulton Hall thanking me for my booking. It was pissing it down outside, but my little Keiran’s eyes *beamed* with happiness. There was a sudden turn of atmosphere and we began to thoroughly enjoy our New Years Eve. (I sat on the loo at the pub and saw these shit photocopied signs reading ‘buy nye tickets for only £10 and enjoy your night HERE.’ I HAD NEVER BEEN SOO THANKFUL TO BE GETTING OUT OF THERE. I couldn’t even flush my grubby loo, so i left it. 🙂 #glam Then we middle fingered the 2* and got rushing to out 5*. WE ARE SOOO LUCKY.

As soon as we checked in, we felt at home. We have so many found memories in those four ginormous walls, that whenever we’re there, our hearts become a flutter. We chilled, went to the spa, did the pool and enjoyed every inch of room service. I intended to stay up all night and wait until midnight to say Happy New Year, however nothing’s good about that. Instead i got preggo back ache and fell asleep in bed. Ruby was already fast asleep and Keiran nodded off a couple times. Then as the clock struck twelve, my gorgoeus little hubby leaped upon me from the otherside of the bed and told me how much he loved me, how beautiful i was, how happy i made him, how lucky he was to have me and how i excited him. He followed it up with the fact that we were going ot have such a GREAT 2013…then after a kiss leapt back to his side.

I was half asleep, in my nighty, but loved every inch of the adoration. (I weirdly actually did that quick wake up thing that you do, where you try to pretend you haven’t been asleep at all.) Anyway, just  as I was nodding off again, Keiran leapt back over, told me i was beautiful once more and said ‘do you want sex!?!’  He asked with a giddy sense of ‘wacky.’ I just looked at him and with a smile rolled my eyes. He caught my drift..and leapt back. 🙂

On the whole wonderful two nights. All i can say is anytime you’re waking up in 5* luxury and beginning you’re brand new year, you are lucky and starting the next chapter perfectly. The rest of the day went gleefully as we were then treated to lunch by my folks and love. Infact we even fitted in a movie and went to watch ‘Jack Reacher.’ My new husband took me to the cinema,to watch my old husband on at the cinema. Weirdly, it didn’t seem that weird at all. Keiran loved the movie and said it was one of the best he had even seen. It was good for me because i watched my past and did it with my future. Mikey’s done really well in his career and if anything now i’m inspired to do even better myself…I WILL DO IT and well i’m in a really great position now to rocket forward.

Ruby, Keiran and i have done nothing but lived, enjoyed, relaxed and sort of holidayed over these last few days and it’s felt glorious. Ruby doesn’t go back to nursery until 7th and well we both have a super busy January.

Infact, we have a super busy year and are really positive about it all. However, this month we find out if we’re having a boy or a girl (on the 11th)…i’m more excited than anything in this world as it just makes everything even more official. Being pregnant the second time around is really different to the first time around. It’s flown by at the speed of life. I mean i’m already half way through it. But maybe because Keiran and i do more than Pete and I ever did.

We also are on the telly this month..both of us are, but most of you know about all of it already. We have a lot of promo to do for a whole lot of entertainy type stuff and we also go back to the FOREST on the 14th for a week. We loved it so much..remember i weeped, that Keiran booked it for us again, so even though we went just before Christmas, we’re lucky enough to be going again in 2 weeks time! Hello more hot tubbing in the forest.

That’s just January. Plus, i need to fit in a meeting with our agent.

Life is good right now and i’m not letting anything get in the way of the success of myself and my family. We’re armed and ready this year to make something of ourselves and we will. We’ve never been so eager and well i want riches and success this year and the Wunna-Thompson match is leathel. Bring it.

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