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I’m finally back from my beautiful forest holiday and OMG how i already miss my time there. I crash landed back to reality with a *thud* and no *wiggle,* as the bustle of real life, got a jittering.

However let me take you back to my ‘Handsome Keiran’ and I’s delicious log cabin retreat. I’ll be honest and say that we didn’t really get off to a Wunnaful start…there was a dash of argueing, a drizzle of tears, a sprinkle of yelling. 🙂 However, by the time we got over ourselves and realized how lucky we were to have each other and to be cuddled by the depth of the forest in the sun and then under the night stars, our fairytale was back in order.

Basically, we engaged in a fruitful amount of naked hot tubbing, with wine, with tickles, laughter love and merriment. We talked life, we enjoyed each other (in more ways than one) and really found our little retreat quite quite wonderful. We had the perfect weather. The perfect time and well any moments in life, when you’re naked in heated bubbles, hosted by a shield of forest trees, in the open air, with the moon and stars peeking above you, with your glasses of champagne and your lips all a pucker…you know that life isn’t too bad afterall. We loved it so much that we both couldn’t really imagine not having our own forest log cabin one day. We had plenty of space, plenty of little luxuries, all kinds of ‘Adam & Eve’ tupe nature, but most of all we had love. When we have love and a hot tub…you have great sex. 🙂 And we had GREAT GREAT sex…everywhere…including a kitchen table with a We Vibe. 😉 *Wiggle-wink*

I do feel a bit bad for my ‘handsome’ because we were there to get away from everything, due to our lives currently being soo busy and rather scheduled…plus it was his ‘toyboy-i’m now 28’ birthday. But due to us now being on a show, we got there Monday, had to film Tuesday (we fought during filming lol) and then Wednesday morning i had to wake up at 5am…in the middle of the woods and get my pretty asian arse to London…for work. (I liertallyhad to travel 20 miles in a cab, in order to find a train that could travel me to my next filming destination.)  I didn’t get back until 10.45pm. That’s how long my day ended up being. However, that little bicker turned out to be worth it and simply because it made us in the end finally relaize how much we cared for one another. I love it.

More tubbing took place, lots of wine, more sexytime and a hnad built fire by my yummy hubby-to-be and well we were guided by the flames and cosied back into our ‘bubble’ with nothing but pure love.

When i got back, Kerian had left me a message on a scrabble board that we didn’t use, made out of the board itself and it’s little plastic square letters. It read:

‘Welcome Home…I love you Chrissie and can’t wait to marry you. Lots of love, Keiran. x’

How beautiful. I feel like the luckiest kitten in the world.

Our last couple of days there were AMAZING and we really got into our peace in the forest. yet before you knew it, it was check out time and there we were having to leave our retreat to immediately get flung into the harsh reality of life.

As soon as we got on the train back, he was bombarded by spreadsheets and a rush of having to get to work that evening. I had 17 voicemails, all demanding my attention. I had one from Nina at ITV, who has a show right now that she wants to talk to me about. Then the press wanted to talk to me in order to do an exclusive on my upcoming ‘very excited right now’ book, that’s about to launch. I had a couple phone calls regarding the filming that i’m doing right now and then an endless amount of the messages you only half here.

Life is busy and alhtough i’d give anything for one more day at in the forest. (I hate checking out of places.) I know i’m lucky and well today i’m gonna have to smash it all out and find my Daddy swagger of a champion. 🙂

Right now, alongside filming, i’m gonna have to concentrate on the book. I haven’t managed to talk to my publisher in a week and i need to, as now everyone’s calling and i’m having to do my interviews.

Anyway, i’m gonna sort everything out, and yeah, i’m totally in my pink supergirl pyjamas. *Blows you a kiss.*

But yeah, just a quick note to tell you i’m back, i’m busy, but totally still the busiest kitty cat in town. Keiran and i are wonderful. Baby Ruby is nothing short of delicious and well we’re a super busy lil’ family right now…however it’s nothing i can’t handle with a wine and in heels. When i can no longer to something with a vino in my hand and stilettos, i’ll then know i’ve completely lost my ‘Va Voom.’

God, i hope we do well and really become those little house hold names. We have so many exciting things happening to us. I don’t think i’ve atually absorbed it all.

What i learnt over the last few days: ‘You can buy youreslf anything, yet it it’s not filled with love, it actually becomes worthless.’ Don’t waste time being the person that you’re not. Enjoy what you have, when you have it and always do it with a wink.

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