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Just a quick note, whilst i’m in a rush to say HI, wiggle at you a little, tell you that I’M HAPPY and back to being Chrissie Wunna, queen of all things glamourous and shaken over with a dust of glitter and a sprinkle of luxury. I feel like ME again…after babies, babies babies….and ‘ive never felt so fresh. It’s ACENESS!

I feel so much better and it could be because of the sun? Who knows? I’m loving it.  Life is great. Work is good. I’m tinkering at my day job, working on my lash line, loving every moment of Mama hood….and enjoying the new attention that I seem to be recieving from gents. (I forgot that i’m a catch.)

I’m loving the simple things, adoring all things divine,(loving luxury is fine, provided you always know what truly matter sin life…and I do)  i’m calm, chipper, yet excitable and kitten -esque. I’m back to being a PRINCESS. 🙂 🙂 and i adore it!!

I have the day off tomorrow, so will fill you all in about life as Friday dawns.

Big kisses, Just a quickie.

Stay tuned..

It gets good.


Wunna x







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