Back from the old smoke

So yesterday i found myself waking up at 6am, in order to groom for my day ahead. The Hubs was very helpful and Rubes was ready for the nursery run, then by 8.01am (i actually made it to the station on time but nearly missed my train) I was on the train from Pontefract Monkhill to London Kings Cross, for my last minute casting that i had heard about the evening before. I had to even miss my ‘check if everything’s alright’ scan in order to go and simply because if i got the job, I’d be rewarded with thousands of pounds before Christmas and when you have a one year old, that little bit of money makes all the extra difference. If you get it, or you don’t, you simply have to try. It’s only the ‘tryers’ in life who do well in my mind and well when you’re lucky enough to have opportunity a knocking, (‘Hey here’s thousands of pounds, if they like you after 5 minutes of  standing in a room and letting them take pictures of your face,’) you have to embrace it, lovingly, confidently and like you’re not a day over fabulous.

Yep, so off i went to my modelling audition. Almost 3 months pregnant, yet with a smile on my face. The casting was for a beauty product, therefore i did what any little Glamour Puss residing in Pontefract would do and ate a giant bacon butty, on route, for comfort before the big ‘hoo haa.’

Peaceful, calm journey, on a beautifully, crisp and sunny Autumn morning. It made me really love the start of November…or maybe that was the bacon. Bacon always makes me smile, even on a bad day.

I got into Kings Cross early, The sun was still beaming. The underground was a quick and easy quiet ‘buzz’ through to Leicester square and after 4 little stops, there i was in the fresh air of November, sauntering through the earlyish afternoony hours, (well it was 10.30am..i’d been up since 6am, it felt like afternoon to me, but people were only just setting up shop,) and i happily tottered through Leicester Square to 7 Leicester Place, where my little casting was taking place. (I know that area lie the back of my hand. I’ve partied in Soho like a champion and well i could find my way around that joint drunk, blind, backwards, in heels and tied to a donkey if i had to, so it made it really easy when chipper, in a V-neck, sober and ready for business.)

I dressed down, because when it comes to a beauty product they only want to see you’re face, skin and ‘ooh laa.’ and that was very apparent, as soon as i got there (and i was there an hour early) the casting director found me and asked me to wipe more of my face off, including my eyes (my soul, my life, my magic) in the toilets before going in to see him. he was lovely though and i did just that. (I’m not so bothered with the wiping now. The older you get the less bothered i become.) Plus, i didn’t think i looked that bad, for once.( I think it was more, ‘a girls godda do what a girls godda do,’ moment for me. Give me this job! 🙂

I totter out, all smiles and raring to go. He meets me, greets me happily and takes me into the room, where a camera was set up ready, with a green square for me to stand on. I already felt comfortable and in auditions i never try and be weird fakey. I’m always me and in that moment in time, i sort of forgot where i was and found myself with a little girl sweet, confidence, rambling on, precisely about myself, with wit, wiggles and a whole of cheeky laughter. (I need to learn to be less cheeky. This isn’t reality tv, it’s a flaming beauty product for crying out loud. I could’ve done better. But it’s done now innit. :)) I answered a few questions, had pictures of my profile, face and 3/4 face taken and did alright enough to then be sent upstairs to see the head honchos, for exactly the same.

Not long, all was done. Did it at Spotlight studios, then walked back to the tube station and got to Kings Cross in no time at all. Did a bit of window shopping and ATE like a HORSE. To be honest time needed to go a bit quicker. Train stations bore me and even though i did literally bump into a baby pink coated Ferne Cotton, at St.Pancras station, who was very pregnant and with a Marks and Sparks bag  in her hand, i still just couldn’t wait to get home.

Time flew. Christmas decorations does that to you. I bought my little family grilled ‘rip off’ steak burritos for tea. (I’m more of a purchasing wife now i’m preggo.) Then at 14.48 i plonked my pretty, yet extremely exhausted arse on the train home, which was weirdly busier than usual, because the train the cleaners had gone on strike. I did that thing where you place your bag on the seat next to you, so no-one sits there. Yet the train conductor got all feisty on the loud speaker, telling everyone ‘he was rude and wasn’t afraid to tell people to move their bags to let people sit down.’ Lol. I love the Ponty conductor.

I ended up moving it, because i decided not to be selfish and then a middle aged man plonked down next to me, proving the conductor right. That was my good deed for the day.

2 hours later, i arrive at Pontefract Monkhill station, i’m tired, i”m hungry, i remembered that i still had to do the nursery run, and as soon as i step off the train, (as it’s now raining) was my ‘handsome’ in red, with a giant umbrella up, ready to shield me from poor weather and get me safely into the vehicle that was going to journey me home. How sweet. I find moments like that romantic.

We did the nursery room and as soon as we got home, it was comfy time, food time and chill time.

Today, i’ve felt exhausted fr most of the day. I’m here with baby Ruby who is having fun, but is probably bored bless her, as she’s used to going shopping on Saturdays, however hasn’t managed to get out today.

Tonight i’m going to dinner with ‘the arm candy’ and my parents at Rogerthorpe Manner and i’m having to get all dressed up for the occasion. The hubby as even rented a tux.

Hope the weekend serves you well and i hope you enjoy the magic of fireworks!





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