Back from London

Just got back from 2 days in London. First night i presented music acts at Madame Jo jo’s, (Gay Adam and Jonny showed u. ) I then rather professionally got trashed, bullyed people called ‘Twigs,’ kissed my lovely loverness, was surpirsed i fitted into a corset, found myself accidentally praying  to a Michael jackson shrine (lol) stayed at the Hilton Metropole, got sexually assaulted on the street and had Jonny ‘rough sex’ me in the morning after burgers, kissing and and ‘good times’ (oh and little bit of ‘drama queen’ hitting him behaviour the night before.) He ‘rough sexed’ me until i bled. It was our first time. I’m impressed. But now he’s being all moody and pissy, and well that’s not very attractive now is it? I don’t like moody boys. I think it’s quite girly. I like it when he’s loving.

I’ve actually just got back from watching him and his band (Chapter One) perform today at Earls Court Station. They we’re actually good. I mean they had this dodgey face paint stuff on..haha..and tubes stations are sweatier than i remember them being, but on the whole… i was really impressed with them. Yeah Boyband Jonny is really fucking talented. Points all around. They did a pretty decent job. Loved it! On the way back to Kings Cross, i got harassed by perverts to the point where a ‘train boy’ had to actually escort me to the train cabin and yeah it’s starting to get to me a lot. I feel like an object that people want to possess. I get tugged from side to side on a daily and well it just feels good to be back on Northern soil. I’m feeling a bit lost today to be honest! But Wazza (my best bud) has been great! I really need a wine.

Okay so obviously something very terrible happened, that you all seem to know about and well  i’m just not gonna talk about it yet. Firstly because i believe it’s in very poor taste to, (i mean her family must need time to ‘calm.’) And secondly.. although i’ve pretended i’m ‘dandy’…. i’m actually hurting quite badly from it. I feel like my insides have been pulled from me. I cried all the way home on the train back under my sunglasses. I guess i just don’t want to talk to anyone about it right now….apart from those i love and care about. But i will…. later. I need time. I even have my mother sleeping in my bed with me tonight. Lol

I work tomorrow morning, so i’ve really godda go. I love you. I’ve missed you and well…Thankyou for everything. Like really. x

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  1. I love how my full name is now “Gay Adam”… You need a name… I shall have to invent one Shamone hee heeeeeeeeee!!!!! loves it!

    Oh yeah, I got the callback and am shooting tomorrow – I will call you on my way there, pick up or feel the wrath of the Parn! 😉

    Loves ya loads bitch xx


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