‘B’ is for Busy…

I haven’t written in ages. Has it been a month? I dunno? But life has been busy. Kinda like a whirl of hard work, excitement, achievement, entertainment, motherhood, life and…I guess, I’d say hope?

I work so hard TO BE busy! Then when I ‘get busy’ I panic until I’ve fully accomplished the task with flying colours and my heart in one happy piece. Over time i’ve become an expert at avoiding ‘distraction,’ however it may flounce into Wunna land. I’ve learnt everything the hard way, but right now, I’m ridiculously focused and I say it’s about bloody time at 39 years old! 😉

People grow at different times, on different levels and in different ways. But i’m in the game. I ‘is’ here and I ‘is’ alive.

They say if you’re well, happy & loved, then you have everything you could ever need in life.

Since the last time I spoke to you, I’ve self taped (auditioned) or Zoom auditioned probably twice a day? It’s been a really great time. Really busy!

I booked a feature film, ‘Charlotte,’ (there’s been quite a buzz about it online.) I filmed it a couple weeks ago in a cottage, in the most remote part of the North Yorkshire Dales. But oh my gosh, it was MORE than worth it. I’ll tell you all about it, as I go along, especially when it screens. Yet, to have worked with such outstanding talent, Georgia Conlan, Dean Kilbey (they lead the film) & Martin Hardwick (D.O.P) well, it was an absolute blessing! It’s such a dark, gripping tale, a psychological thriller and it will change your perspective on life. When this film releases, everyone is going to be astonished.

I looked back at some of the scenes in the cottage and it’s just ‘first class’ and I’m so grateful to be part of such a wonderful story. Every single person gave it their all. Everyone single person made everyone else on set feel of worth. I’ve actually ‘wrapped’ on it now, but they’re still filming… so as the days go on, i’ll tell you about some of my ‘behind the scenes’ moments on set. 🙂

I read today that over 2000 people had auditioned for roles in the film and 16 were ‘hand picked.’ I always forget how many actors audition for roles. I feel very lucky! It was an absolute honour to work with such a remarkable team.

What else as happened? The Wunna Babies, Ruby & Junior, they’ve both been auditioning like the clappers. They’re booking quite a lot and just the other day they worked their first music video, which they loved.

I’m really really proud of them right now and not because they’re working so hard. They’re only 9 & 7. But because no matter what they go through in life, the good and the bad, they always remain so grounded, so positive, they stay close to one another and appreciate everything. They’re so thoughtful.

Over the last few weeks I’ve worked so much, I can’t even begin to go over everything all at once. I’m grateful! But I need to tell you the stories as I tinker onward because everything’s just moving so fast! (I don’t even have time to watch my favourite Netflix shows, which is truly DEVASTATING!!! The good thing is that I also don’t have time to stress out. That’s always a bonus.)

I had a Zoom audition on Friday for a Channel 4 show. I think it went well? I don’t know? I hope so? I’d really like to be a part of it, so we’ll see whether it’s meant for me? I always think your stories already written and whatever so meant to happen will just flipping happen.

My ‘milkshake’ still seems to be bringing all the boys to my yard? I don’t know how? But I’m flattered. I’ll remember all this when I’m 80. Hopefully i’ll Be back to drinking lots by then, so I can’t have a laugh about it all. Oh and when I say ‘yard,’ I mean my ‘social media’ yard, as during times of ‘focus,’ I don’t let boys creep any way further past the cyber line. Lol. Well, unless it’s Ryan. He can pretty much do whatever he wants because he’s ace. I’m kinda in ‘awe’ of his aceness.

But anyway, I’m working really hard. I’m looking through ‘wardrobe’ for my next film ‘Stained Canvas,’ by Jayne Slater. I play bohemian fashion designer ‘Lily’ and I just cant wait! We hopefully start filming this month. I’ve done a couple virtual rehearsals and reads…so alls good! Just plonk me in my boho outfit and i’m good to go!

For the rest of the year…

I have a Netflix pilot and 2 features for now to work on. I did the ‘Casting Me Comp’ today for Do or Die Studios. I had a day off and i wanted to use it wisely!

I think I get my ‘Series of Light’ script soon! Being part of this series has got me good! I can’t even describe my levels of excitement and I’m playing ‘Detective Jackie Lambert.’ I LOVE IT!!! The first series is on Amazon Prime UK & US…So you must watch it! I think the book of unseen scripts is out also!

Basically, lots is going on….this was just a catch up blog. I always say I’m gonna write a blog every day from this point, don’t i? Then work flies on in…and I forget to prioritise this little diary of love…and I shouldn’t.

I keep ‘flash backing’ to about 15 years ago, when my LA neighbour ‘Cletus’ poured tea on our shared balcony and told me to hand write a daily diary…

I’ll tell you about it all tomorrow.

I love you lots!

Chrissie x

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