B is for Busy


Yeah, it was a busy one, a good busy, but busy! I’m by nature highly driven, ambitious, fun with it, yet focused when it comes to work and wanting to do well. Right now, i’m on catch up, as busy gets the better of me…but i’ll get there and i’m NAIL IT. Once, i’ve got my head around anything, i’m all empowered and super sonic…I just need to get my head over it. So, until that point, it’s wine ever night! 🙂 But yes, it was busy and we all knew it was busy as when you scanned around your work space, environment…atmosphere….everyone was busy…with a phone attached to their ear, a chatty manner and a mind that was utterly on the game, on point and working.

It’s weird because i’m an absolute workaholic, so i’ll let work take over and i like that! I love free time, play and chill also, yet i’m very much juiced by work. That’s why I can hardly ever date boys who aren’t also workaholics. I see them as ‘foreign’and almost as if we don’t see the world through the same kind of eyes. PLUS, i’m always passionate about what I choose to do. I’m a single mum. I have mouths to feed, schools to pay for and hearts to fill with joy. I’m on and i’m there, i’m going for it. You could be a guy I date and only be a little bit lazy at times..and i’ll wrongly see you as some kind of awful sloth. Lol. Bad, i now, but it’s true! I’m good like that. My head judges and scans all the time. But i have  busy mind…and well I know when to have a good time, I’m known for that…don’t get me wrong, I’m the most fun ever…yet i know when there’s a time to focus…and that time is now. I’m lucky because i’m doing something that I love. (Always makes things better.)

I think, i’m just not ‘grey.’ I’m always black or white. Always all or nothing. So, i’d do a life of working my ultimate arse off, OR an absolute life of being a luxury lady of leisure. I can do both really well…just not the inbetween…when you’re sometimes this, or sometimes that. I’m always one thing…and that thing is AWESOME. 🙂

So yeah, right now i’m zoomed in on work…and because i feel challenged. I need to nail it and i’m not smashing it the way i wish to be smashing it. But i will.

Today was good fun. It put everything into perspective…it got me ‘juiced’ and passionate…and right now, i feel like the most determined kitten in all the land.

It’d be hard to be a guy who wants to gain my attention right now..as they’d have to be utterly tremendous to cut me away from all that i’m doing. I’d do it…if i felt or even better knew the guy was worth it…I did it recently…and i’m pretty good at balancing things out.

Thank god i have a wine.

Happy Tuesday. x




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