‘B’ is for ‘Bubble.’


Good morning my delicious pieces of ‘cheeky-cheeky.’ As per usual i’ve shimmied off a rather *bumpy* weekend of drama. (No matter where i go, it seems to follow me.) However, all that matters is that as of around 4pm yesterday everything went back to ‘fairytale.’ I guess, what i’ve learnt that love is love and no matter what anyone says, thinks or even what anyone does at times…when it comes to the crunch, it’s how they FEEL that matters and how they feel WHEN it matters that counts…and that moment of ‘feel’ is what makes a love a lifetime, which creates a bond that is quite luckily unbreakable. The great thing about a feeling, is that it’s magical and you can choose what you do with that magic. I’m a positive player in this ‘game’ of life and i’ve always voiced, lived and loved via the way i actually FEEL.

It’s bizarre because you can be lost in a blur of utter misty jiggery pokery, but when your life line of true love comes into sight, you can suddenly see sense and in a quick glitzy second. ‘Handsome Keiran’ and I are great and simply because something that lessens the importance of bitter-betty bitterness occured that day and it quickly made us both realize what really matters in life. I will admit that i’m in mild shock, but i kinda feel really lucky to have him right now, as he is I. We have this wonderful ability to ‘blah-blah-blah’ and then *shake* it off quickly in recovery, with our hand over our heart and the other holding onto each other with strength. He knows me for who i am and isn’t sold by a label and well i know him for who he truely is and i’m certainly not sold by the ‘character’ i call ‘Team Keiran. I love him. It’s funny h0w everyone thinks they know everything about me, when really they know nothing. I spent my yesterday by myself, in a place that makes me feel nervous and whilst people enjoyed a good old gossiped about me. It’s funny when that happens and how my life is now the entertainment of others. Yet it preps me for what lies ahead.

I got news yesterday, causing a very brief moment of panic that planted a mild bit of ‘what’ into my life that is really all going to be fine and well that ‘moment,’ when i was all on my own, in a little pale green painted room, with a gentleman who sat opposite me, so he could be at my eye level occured. I was feeling nervous, alone and well there was nothing i could do and no-one really there for me to hold on too.’It just kinda made everything hit *pause* for a second, so i picked up my broken handbag, casually sauntered outside, to find myself stood under a giant read sign reading ‘EMERGENCY’…and there pulled up my ‘handsome’…warm hearted, with strength and ready to get on with our chapter. A good person will always be there when you need them and not just when it benefits them. That’s why i love him. (Going back to my journey there, It’s actually quite funny, because  i had accidentally cried in the back of a big white van taxi. The cabbie looked at me through his mirror, turned down the radio and offered me a LOLLIPOP to make me feel better. Lol. Cute moment. However, i’m not 7. I did take the lolly and then laughed with a shake of my head.)

I went out at the weekend. Pointless really. I’d been having the best two days of ‘fairytale’ ever and well the foolish art of ‘party-party’ temporarily ruined everything. People are never who they really are when they ‘party-party.’ I know i’m certainly not. However the true fact is, that i’ve got bigger fish to fry and larger things on my plate. That part of my life is boxed up like crimbo decorations I have the book launch, the show, the book itself, another  show and everything else to conquer right now. I don’t have time to waste really and well i just want to live life the way i’ve always wanted…and that doesn’t include fishnets and sambuca shots, with aquaintances, who think they know.

Keiran and I  have really wonderful opportunities coming our way..in fact they are already here and they are chances that not many, if any people get in an entire lifetime. Lots of people support us for it…Lots of people don’t. But we’re really really grateful. As i always say, i’m not a girl to waste my time on this delicious earth ball. I’m one to ‘get ahead’ in the times that others waste and tug away at bitterness. Hence why i’m going to MY OWN book launch party. (That didn’t happen via time wasting.)

Remember to share strength with the people you love (be they your friends, family, or partner) and not weakness and remember that good things happen to GOOD people. Be around those who are positive. Cut out the negative. Bring out the best in your loved ones and love the life you have. Be decent to those who are decent to you and do it all with a *wiggle.*

You have one life and a chance to live it the right way, which is the way you always wanted. One life really isn’t as long as you think, because at any time the rug can be pulled from under you.

Anyway, my beige faux fur is in the tumble dryer. I’m always tumble drying these days. At 2pm today, Keiran and I have a meeting with Alex who owns Bed in Leeds, which is the venue that i’m choosing to have my book launch do at. I’m recieving all your messages and yes it will be open to fans. Just email chrissie@chrissiewunna.com and i’ll make sure to make you a VIP. I’m trying to write out my guest list. Yet for right now, i’m getting distracted by diamante, zebra sunglasses. You win some. You lose some and well a guestlist can wait. 😉

Lots of love and winks

Chrissie x

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