‘B’ is for Banter…

Things are wonderful right now. Well…I think they are? I mean, I have predicaments. Don’t we all?? However it seems my predicaments are somewhat bouji…somewhat fortunate, that i’d be a ‘First world problem’ fool, to even begin to complain. But still… old or young, rich or poor…we all FEEL the same way and have the same problems . That’s what connects us as humans.

On the whole…my life is wonderful. I’m a really lucky girl. Not being able to choose between great things…isn’t really a real problem at all.

I’m working a lot…and seeing the benefits now. I love seeing the benefits because nothing is worse than slogging ya kitty guts off, without a glorious display of results. I’m keeping myself to myself…and weirdly becoming more & more popular?

Things at home are great. Ruby (my daughter,) turned 8 yesterday. I cried because she was so happy. Both Ruby AND Junior were so happy. Rubes & I have been through so much. But she inspires me everyday.

There were moments yesterday where I caught her alone, beaming with love and happiness…as she whispered…’this has been the best birthday ever.’ Then moments when I watched both babies throw their heads back in laughter, because they just enjoyed being 8 & 5 so much.

It made my heart swell…and to me, that’s what matters. It’s what life is about. That alone makes me happy. I’m a family girl. Yesterday, I lived MY BEST life…and that was my role as ‘Mama.’

I could achieve absolute everything in the world and have ALL the recognition, but without them, it would mean nothing and my life would feel empty.

You know you’re living your best life, when you’re no longer wishing for a better one. Remember that! Make the best out of what you have.

I’ve had some great moments. Yesterday ‘DBear’ messaged me, beaming at the fact that I was so ‘family,’ as I trundled along on a child’s tractor ride at Sundown Adventureland. He’s a good man. His soul is real. He’s calm. He’s at peace…and sometimes a girl like me needs that.

Later that night I got caught up in banter with one of my guy besties ‘T-Bone.’

TBone: ‘I’ve just tried to call you. Pick up.’

We don’t half talk some smack to each other. But like a boomerang, he shoots his way back into Wunna Land, with ‘the jollies.’ There’s nothing about this dude that winds me up. Even when he’s a twat.

Me: ‘Ya missed the boat dude!’

TBone: ‘I’m still ON the boat!! Haha.’

Me: ‘Honestly, one day ya gonna pull ya pants down and ya willy is just gonna fall off, onto your laminate flooring, because it’s knackered from being over used.’

Then he might have playfully decided that I was slag..in comparison to his ‘angelic’ self. He’s about as angelic as I am. Yet like myself…his heart is in the right place.

If you knew who T-Bone was…you may get what I’m talking about.

Me: ‘I’m calling The Sun!’

But we had a laugh. Then luckily my phone ran out of charge and cut him off. Haha. (Which probably pissed him off.)

Today, I’m getting sorted. I’ve got a lot of work to get through. I’ve got a trip down south that i have to organise. I’m catching up. I’m swinging my swag…and life is just so ‘gosh, darn it’ wonderful.

I’m 100% the luckiest chica in the world.

Always make a wish. It’s might just come true!

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