Awesomest ‘crowd surf’ ever

Greatest night! I just watched dreamy Stuart, from ‘Big Brother’ do the most magnificent ‘crowd surf’ into a crowd that, mid jump, parted and left him to smack into pure concrete, during his ‘getting evicted from the house’ papparazi strut’!! (hahahaha) Loved it! I’ve actually never seen a ‘crowd surf’ go as badly as that one!!! It was quite possibly, the best way to go out EVER, as it’s probably what would’ve happened to me, yet i’d have a cocktail in my hand, my skirt’d be over my head, and i wouldn’t be wearing any panties. God, he’s hot!! I love clumsy men! I want him to eyelash me all over. Once again, any dreamy male that can have the balls to get such a rush infront of screaming crowds, to the point where he believes he heard someone shout, ‘juuuuuuuuuuuump!’ Then mistakenly leap joyously into his crowd of fans, only to completely MISS the sea of screaming boobs, who had already ‘gotten over ‘the moment and started talking to the random hot boy next to them…. and crowd surf into no crowd. I LOVE him!! Please have sex with me! Not really, i can’t stand his needy ‘please everyone adore me, i’m so insecure’ -ness. (Did i just describe me???)

On the bright side, our papers will hopefully no longer me littered with crap, nobody cares anymore ‘Dale & Jen’ stories. In my mind their relationship is like unicorns and virgins. It DOES NOT exist. I remember once stating that, i would rather get bucketted by Papa Smurf, than eat out Margaret Thatcher!! NOW, i would quite willingly eat out Magaret Thatcher, than have to hear another rubbish Big Brother ‘Dale & Jen’ story. (i’m only jealous ‘cos Dale won’t bone me. He has no manners!!)

3 thoughts on “Awesomest ‘crowd surf’ ever”

  1. lets have it right stuart is a fragel he might have a good body but he is still a two bob mug like they all are in that gaffe. i didnt see it but if i left i would fuck divina of and go down the boozer with me pals fuck sitting there talking bollox. dal would bone u if he wouldnt he is blind chrissie u are better looking then jen in my opinoin she aint all that she would do my cannister in

  2. yes and u are a proper sort a rocket a weapon tool that is just the essex way of suming u up chissie u are the fucking guvna treacle


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