Awake, alive and loving it

It’s 9.30am, ive just kind of woken up. I have a mug of decaf coffee, which i believe is pointless. Who honestly wants coffee to be ‘Decaf??’ It’s like virgins, unicorns and sherbert…..makes no sense. Anyway, it was all i had, so i guess the phrase is ‘beggars can’t be choosers.’ Unless, ofcourse you are a ‘beggar’ in LA. I once tried to give one an orange flavoured Gatorade. He turned his nose up to it, and demanded that i walked back to the store (in the blistering heat) and buy him a lemon & lime flavoured one. I did. He was happy! Then he tried to make out with me, after doing a poo being a flower shop on Beverly. I’m easy, but i’m not that easy.

Sorry, i got distracted. So yeah, Russell Brand and the guy who was 4 years below me at school, that i met at the ‘burning tramps bin’ night, were in my dreams. They are always uninvited, yet seem to just pop in, ‘swiggy-swagger’ around, hardly say anything, then disappear. I think it’s because they stimulate my mind, and i enjoy men who give me that good old ‘mental stimulation,’ so when my mind is at play, they make a random appearance. I likey!!

This decaf coffee sucks balls! Whatelse? Shit, i have the worst period pains. Oh yeah, i am so sick of bloody Laura White (that X-factor chick) for rambling on & on about how it’s so unfair that she got voted off the X-factor. Jesus Christ!! She is the sorest loser, and the most desperate competitor ALIVE. I think she was a little bit big headed, a wee bit conceited, and maybe thought she was probably going to win it quite easily. (‘Cos she’s *cough* shagging the executive producer *cough*) So the getting ‘kicked off’ part is even more embarassing for her. I bet he’s getting no sex now!! (haha)  It’s a competition…that’s how it works you banana!! If you go on a show like that, you’ve got to expect to get the ‘heave-ho,’ and at any given point!!! It was the public that put you in the ‘bottom two’ to begin with and then at the end of the day Ruth (the other girl) really gave it some welly and beat you!!! It happens!! I would’ve actually liked Laura a lot, if she didn’t ramble on for days on end, about how unfair the voting was. The VOTING was FAIR!!!! That’s the WHOLE f***ing point darling!! So please do stop moaning and nagging on!!! I am so sick of it. It’s making me want to nip you.

Well the mornings got off to a good start!

3 thoughts on “Awake, alive and loving it”

  1. she wernt that good anyway i would of kept the spansih bird coz she has got big guns lol. i cant believe a tramp piped about what gatoraide u gave him u should of thrown it in hisa face babe for getting lemon. i hope u get some proper coffee soon i am surprised u aint got a proper coffee machine so u can have all tyoes of coffee as u like it do u like rosie and all chrissie. i hope u have a mustard wekeend babe u out on the hit and miss tonight?

  2. see u there but i wont be watching children in need im polo at the minuite saving up for the land of thai i cant wait roll on boxing day have a good night and have a few beers with podsley for me chrissie take care treacle


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