Dancing on Ice and a bloody good bollocking!!

I am sooooo completely gutted that Gareth Gates got voted off Dancing on Ice!! I mean COME ON!!! He was GREATNESS tonight, yet for some reason Zara ‘no-one knows her’ from Corrie, does a little bit better than usual, and my baby faced crush, gets kicked off!!! I say ‘BOO,’ but really has the world ended…NOPE!! I do however still have a weird urge to rub my body up and down Mr.Gates…and quite ferociously!! (wink wink)

So i just got off the phone with my ‘Latin Lover,’ who for some reason, for the last 6 days has decided to take the ‘ ass hole’ route ( well, haha, not literally), but yeah, he’s been quite grumpy over the last week, and taken out his male menopause on ME!!

I’d called him and called him, and called him, then just to make myself even more pissed off, called him again, and he decided to not pick up! When he finally did, i basically told him, ( this was just now) that if he now wishes to contact me, he can do so via email or IM, as he will no longer get the pleasure of a phone call. Common courtesy please!! Then ofcourse, he gets all’ Sorry babes…no, no, please call.’ Yet the lesson to be learnt here, is to not take someone for granted, treat them in a second rate manner, and think that after a few glasses of wine, they are going to keep calling you, and letting you ‘NOT pick up’ on them without getting BOLLOCKED!!!

Three cheers!!!

My New Blog

Darlings! Welcome!!

Due to popular demand….this is the New and Official Chrissie Wunna website, thanx to my dear dear friend, The Wonderful Wizard of Waz!!! He waved his magic wanga, and with a delicate Mcblinky, a website was set up pour moi!! ( or to put it more bluntly, I went to school with this boy, and he’s ACE at computers!! ha! And in 5 hours, we set up my home page!! ) I love it!!

Everyday, from this time on..i’ll be writing a little bit about my oh so, GLAMOUROUS life, and about the ‘Oh so NOT VERY’ Glamourous parts, so YOU my fans can get to know we a whole lot better, as we get up, close and a wee bit too personal. (oooh aarr daddy-o!)

I currently hail as the ‘Queen of Greatness,’ the Champions of all Mistake-makers, who survive ( without bruises) and ofcourse, the ULTIMATE GLAMOUR PUSS of ALL Glamour Pusses!!

My Darlings, I do hope you LOVE my new site, as it LOVES you too!!

Giant Smooches, and a teeny little wiggle…

Chrissie Wunna xxx