Open Hearts Sprinkled with Adventure…

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Just a wonderful day, filled with wonderful feelings, dipped in wonderful moments, sprinkled with wonderful times.

Today someone made me smile and the simple art of making someone grin, is nothing short of magical, right?

This is a different grin to normal…as it’s a stable beam of peacefulness. It doesn’t feel erratic or wrong. It feels very ‘together. Really well rounded. It feels very right.

It was certainly unexpected, y’know…kinda out the blue? Yet connections and path crossings are always bets this way and always worth something, when your heart is still open and your mind is fresh.

Today was a good day.

I’m excited. I’m happy. I’m lucky.

I entered 2019 with an ’embrace life’ kinda attitude. A real ‘you only life once’ kinda vibe. A true meaning and purpose. An attitude filled with love, where I would never judge another, yet go forth with a spirit of adventure.

That attitude has served me well.

So, i know this a really short spurt of a blog..and I know that it’s someone cryptic.

But it’s enough for you to understand, that today was a really good day. 😉

Lucky Times & Princess Cries..

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Things are great. I’m back from my mini travels. I’m really busy. I’m on shoot after shoot and it feels great. I’m working hard. I’m trying to get my game back on and strong. I feel really lucky and I truly appreciate the support i’m getting.

The reason why it feels so good, is because i’m just minding my own business and getting on with my version of life, with a joy in my heart. I don’t tangle in other peoples drama. I don’t tinker where I’m not meant to tinker. I don’t measure myself up against others. Nor do I shoot others down…unless they cross a certain line of respect.

I’m keeping myself to myself. I’m doing what I love. I’m sharing my life story and i’m hopefully inspiring others.

Always do what you love. Always cherish the people who, NO MATTER WHAT, have your back.

Don’t waste time on things that hurt you, bore you…y’know the things that don’t make you feel whole or happy.

Good things happen to good people…Always, ALWAYS remember that!

 I didn’t think that I’d be doing all these shoots at 38. I’m nearly 40 and still reaching for my stockings or bikini. I’m happy I am, because now I feel as though i’m truly representing something. I’m fighting a worthy fight. When I feel like I have a purpose, I feel mighty. It makes me work harder.

 It kinda took that girl ‘hating on me’ on Jan 1st, to motivate me. Never let anyone tell you, you’re too old…or that you CAN’T do something. You’re always gonna be rusty at first. You’re always gonna mess up. But when you work hard. When you do all that you can, but with a sincere peace in your heart, you’ll smash it and you’ll feel proud.

That pride will radiate lovingly from you and that kinda love is contagious. It’s inspiring. I love to feel inspired by others. I love to see that glow. I love to fall down a couple ‘strength rungs,’ yet be able to look up with hope…

 I’ll tell you the truth. I do feel old. Yet, i’m not trying to be young. I’m trying to be me. So is it a ‘comeback?’ Yeah, I’d say so…and I guess a lot of people are doing the same. I think it’s because when you grow older, and you’ve kind of career, that has involved a bit of ‘glitz.’ You want to be able to prove TO YOURSELF that you can do it AGAIN. It’s twisted, but fun, all at the same time. Lol.

I wanna blow my OWN mind, without putting my back out. Haha.

So, yeah i’m really excited for my next shoot… I’m having fun. I’m enjoying it.

Chick friend: ‘You’re like this weird never ageing woman?’

Me: ‘Must be all the cocktails. It kept my soul hydrated. Haha.’

‘No. But honestly. You look better now, than you did before. You look better in person, than you did on tv.’

‘Thanks. That’s sweet. My body feels old though. Anyone can throw money at themselves and LOOK a certain way. I’m trying my best.’

Anyway, i’ve got to wrap this up because I have an 11.30am meet up with ‘Big A’ from House of Solo Magazine.

I cried last night and Ruby cuddled me. I’m going through such a wonderful time in my career and with the kids. My love life isn’t even rubbish. I’m talking to someone and I like them.

Keiran, who is my ex husband…My son’s Father…. is causing all kinds of problems in Wunna Land, to the point where everyone’s had enough. (It’s only because i’m doing really well and he can’t control any of us.) Anyway, he’s got his religious ‘judgemental’ knickers in a twist and trying to be all threatening. (Which really isn’t very Godly of him? It’s more ‘gangsta’ but less juicy.) It’s kinda got to the point where the children have had enough. When that happens….I sort it.

But y’know when you just have a moment, where you just need a big shout or a big cry, when no ones looking. I opted for a secret cry. Haha. Now, I actually feel fine. I feel all Girl Power! 😉

Ruby (Last night)…as she cuddled me: ‘Don’t cry mum…You look like a frog.’


Don’t give energy to people or things that litter your world with their own negativity….They do not deserve a reaction…

Good things happen, to good people….

Expectations & Shit…

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Today, I learnt not to EXPECT anything. . I kinda actually learnt it last year. I had to learn it over and over again. This year, i’ve nailed it. I’m another tick away from being an official grown up. (Slurps wine.) One that is tune with her soul, herself and sanity. (I guess that comes with life experience? I guess that comes with age?)

I learnt to just appreciate what was going on, in a moment, without slapping on labels, padlocks or territory marks. Sometimes we tend to run away with things. Our emotions become wonderfully ‘juiced’ with a spirit that makes us uncontrollably giddy.

I used to wear my heart on my sleeve and you could read me a mile off. It like i shone ‘beacon’ strong. Now, at 38, i’m less of a giddy kitten and more of a fully graduated feline of woman. I’m loving it. I’m purring, like a Queen.

I’m not dull, I still have giddy moments, where I gush with this innocent happy spring of puppy. Kinda like a ‘jumping bean’ on Tequila shots, when ya favourite song comes on the radio.

BUT, I tend to get excited privately now. I don’t want it to always be that way. Yet, for now, it works for me.

I don’t do it privately because I play my cards close to my. (I have a massive. You’d be able to read my cards.)


Yet, because i’ve kinda just woken up at 38, and realized that i’ve done and been through so much in life. I’ve literally done so much. I’ve experienced SO MUCH.  I’ve learnt everything the hard way. I’ve thrived in my career with confidence, over the years. LA built that in me. It forced me to grow up fast. It was the first time i realized I had sex appeal. It’s the city that served me well. I’ve always found keeping love, hard. We know that. (But it’s been fun.) And it won’t be a struggle forever. Lol.

I’ve looked back at everything. I reflected over the good, the bad, and the ugly. I read about people. I hung out with new strangers, last year. I learnt so much…

Infact SO MUCH, that by now…in life…I  should be cool…and I am. It finally feels great! Haha.

I love being an oldie now. No, that’s wrong. I love being wiser now. and I didn’t think I would because I fucking panicked when I had my 38th birthday, in December.

Chick friend: ‘What are you doing for your birthday?’

Me: ‘Nothing. Haha. Leave me alone.’

I felt uncomfortable, to say the least. I felt like I had to drink ALL of the wine, in ALL of the land, out of ALL of the bottles… like a pirate on a stormy ship. OR date a flipping Toy Boy, for a blink of a second… JUST to make myself feel better, for a single moment of pleasure! Haha.)

I didn’t do any of that…Well, I might have drank?

So yeah…

When you expect nothing and you surrender to the art of such, with a positive glow, you are never ever disappointed. And you’re never disappointed because if you expected nothing, in the first place, but you appreciated EVERYTHING, you’ll always be content.

Right, or wrong?

I mean, I’ve nailed the above so far this year. I’m smashed it. It’s so sensible, it’s boring me.

I’m laid back and chilled by nature. Don’t get it twisted. I’m not hectic, but i do like it when people think i’m all ‘diva.’ I don’t even know why? Haha. It must be a persona, I enjoy, kinda like a ‘drag act.’

Yet, I do reckon, that i’m not one of those ‘just content, through life’ kinda girls, because it’s something I have to actually TEACH MYSELF to do.

I enjoy rushes of excitement and swirls of magical glee. I like to laugh out loud, with a dripping cocktail in my hand. Y’know…just madly, until my eyes weep and my sides hurt. I love to get lost in happiness. I love to celebrate and enjoy those moments, because when they come along in life, you’ve just got to hold onto them, before they fade.

 Plus, I like to make a ‘doo daa’ out of good memories because I want to be 80 years old and *flash back* to such moments with pride. By that time rum will have turned my brain a simple clump of breathing meat…So I have to stick bells on shit, to simply help me remember. Haha.

Getting lost in whirlwinds is always fun…

But, without that sturdy bit of sense, or that grounded bit of balance, all you have is MADNESS. Madness, is rarely attractive, it’s lonely and it really doesn’t get you anywhere, in the end.

I still feel annoyed at that chick for using my friend, for a bit of pressy ‘look at me.’ Especially when I found out that she had been talking to two of my other friends at the same time. People are douches. I have so much respect for him and he doesn’t deserve to have to go through something so small publicly, by someone so ‘hungry.’

Me: ‘I’ve got ya back on this…’

TBone: ‘It’s not even a story!’

But back to me… Lol

Everything around me is changing…and it’s wonderful. I feel it in the air.

(Oh wait… My phones pinging. I’m at Ego, blogging with a wine.)

You know when you get though messages that just make you smile…. 😉

The Simple Art of Being There…

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Hey, my delicious licks of life! How’s ‘Hump Day’ treating ya? How’s your version of ‘story’ a going? Regardless, I hope you’re well and I thank you greatly, for finding you beautiful way, here..into Wunna Land.

As always, i’m feeling great. I’m feeling wonderful. No. Wunnaful. Everything’s kinda picking up for me ‘work wise’ and when that happens, my mind gets busy and my heart feels full. I’m glamourously paddling in my element and grateful for every prosecco sip, every wiggle to my walk and ever moment of memory I make.

Life’s a funny thing isn’t it? We’re all trying to make our way, aren’t we, instead of enjoying the right now. We’re all doing well. We’re all doing badly. We’re all either trying to achieve or plod along nicely.

(Plodding bores me. I’m a girl who gets bored very easily.)

Yesterday evening, randomly, whilst I was on Twitter, my newsfeed decided to be filled with ‘news’ about someone I knew….

Now, I don’t pay too much attention to what people say, sell or ‘sally’ when it comes to the press, because you only get to read a ‘2 dimensional’ version, without emotion… to any tale. Right?

I’ve been on both the good end of that and the bad end of that. Yet, i’ve always just got on with it, because at the end of the day, i believe everything happens for a reason. Plus, if you haven’t lived it, you don’t really know.

But when you know someone personally, you zone in, don’t you…

So I did. I read…

…and yeah, it shocked me.

Weirdly, I could’ve felt bad whilst reading it? But I didn’t? Half of me felt empowered and strong. I felt all mighty and better! The other half, felt badly for the person, I knew…

It didn’t really make them look that great and that happens to me all the time. I’m not judgey. After everything I’ve charmed my way out of in life…I’m not in a position to judge. Haha!

Yet, I understood that, the tale (which was fair, the person I knew, brought it on themselves….and the person who told the tale was obviously fame hungry…) That’s something that should’ve been spotted right away. I mean the only online footprint the story teller had is THAT tale…& because they weren’t genuine & used someone.

However, Regardless, I knew that the drama would make the person I knew, feel moderately shitty.

I’m a good human and all that…so I sent them a message of encouragement. (During those times, they need support…and mainly a rant. So..I let them rant.)

Me: ‘Stop trying to justify yourself. You do not have to justify yourself to anyone! You can do what you want! When you want. It’s your life!!’

In far as I’m concerned, people are entitled to make their own choices, without apology. You make people happy along the way. You hurt people by accident….or intentionally. That happens. That’s life. But you should never try and use someone. I hate it when that happens to me…

So yeah… ofcourse…

…there’s obviously repercussions to everything…

However, in any career where you’re made to be a ‘talking point’…you’re made for the repercussions. You’ve heard it so much…you can handle it, with strength.. as the ‘think they knows’ chatter.

Or so the story goes…

All people, no matter what ‘life walk’ they’re strutting…are human.

I learnt something about this person yesterday, after I let them have a rant. Y’know, a ‘get it off their chest’ moment.

I learnt that they felt more, than I thought….I learnt that we had this random friendship…and so I advised them appropriately.

The reason WHY I did that, was because they needed people to support them, as they took ‘life moments’ on the chin. I always do when it happens to me. No-one wants grief at this time. They just need support by the dear folk who get it. Right?

The real reason why I did that was because I respected the person…I actually learnt from them without them knowing. Respect is huge with me…as is learning…so I was on their team all along.

Regardless of this & that..I always go on my own experience & whenever I had a moan or a moment of ‘not okayness,’ they’d always encourage me positively. (Do know, after reading what I read…I could’ve been personally wound up. I just wasn’t. I don’t even know why I wasn’t? Well no…it just helped me understand, I’d say.)

Long story short….

Sometimes life will pull the rug from under ya! The trick is to handle it..and carry on strutting. ( Have good soldiers who get it.)

Sometimes you look back and see that everything happens for a reason. (At times it’s dodgy, but later you understand.)

Sometimes people use you. Sometimes they don’t. It’s a chance you always take. (Personally I think People should focus on their own talents, instead of using the name of someone else. It’s a shortcut to 5 mins of nothing. Make something wonderful from your own gifts!)

However, away from the ‘sometimes, sometimes,’ always, when you’re there for someone, in a moment of personal ‘doo dah,’ you 100% feel wonderful. (Remember that.)

Oh and also… Karma’s a bitch 🤣

Steve Of Candi, The Daily Sport & Pitstop…

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I’m having so much fun! I’m loving January. I’m loving all your excitement and kind words on my ‘socials.’ (Thank you everyone making the effort to be a part of my world.) I’m filled to the brim with just plain old LIFE love and it’s life alone that makes me BEAM.

Never forget that it’s the ‘adventure’ that makes everything worthwhile. We all end up in the same place, at the ‘finish line..’ and it’s a place that none of us, will LITERALLY never see. Which practically means it actually doesn’t exist.

Live! Love! Take Chances! Be Happy! (Do it in a bikni if you like, it makes for good Insta likes.’ Haha.)

I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. That must mean i’m happy. Happiness & Security is sexy on a girl. The same way thoughtfulness is sexy on a guy right?

I’m in a good place, because i’m doing everything the way I’ve always wanted…BOLDLY…AND without a single worry.

But anyway, what I wanted to talk about was the fact that on Jan 3rd, at i tinkered to the Candiland Studios, for shoot with the loveliest & most equipped photographer, i’ve ever met, @SteveCandi. (He has everything, from neon lit sofas, 8 million hats, gallons of wine, 4000 pairs of sunglasses, outifts galore, a heater, a wind machine and pink pole dancer wall paper…to a heart of utter solid gold.)

Such a delight to work with. Such a beautiful soul. Really glad I got to ‘Daily Sport’ it with him…and well, hopefully i’ll get to shoot with him again shortly.

I got picked up at around five o clock, by ‘Pitstop Rentals,’ (take a peek at his Insta..) for my evening shoot.

I simply LOVE ‘Pitstop Rentals’ with all of my heart, because if you ever need a reliable and bouji chauffeuring service, let me tell you…there is NO BETTER SERVICE…than ‘Pitstop,’ in the whole of UK.

It’s First Rate. Five Star! (If i needed food, he’d take me. If I needed help, he’d carry my bags through a busy airport. I use the service all the time and nothing makes me feel more comfortable, yet regal, all at the same time.

We like to FEEL good when we travel right? Well, I do! Especially, when i’m headed to work.

Pitstop: ‘You see so calm this time? You’re usually so nervous for a shoot.’

(I was calm, because I wasn’t scared of my life choices anymore. I was confident, that i’d smash it.) Good or bad. I was happy.

The great thing about ‘Pitstop’ is that unlike everyone else, he gets to see the ‘BEHIND THE SCENES’ of my life. I ask his advice. He gives me surprisingly great answers. We plot Wunna Land world domination (Haha) and well, he’s such a polite soul. I’m really happy when we ‘journey.’

I do drive! (People always think I don’t. Haha.)

However, on evening shoots, or quick dashes, I like to feel relaxed. I like the drama taken away from me. I like a wine. I like to feel safe, without worry. Therefore I called ‘Pitstop Rentals.’ to drive me to Manchester.

He drove me to Candiland Studios, in the most beautiful cream Rolls Royce. It was beautiful. It was so gangsta and classic, all at the same time.

Steve: ‘Chrissie, is literally the only model ever to arrive in a Rolls Royce. Haha. I want to take selfies in it. D’ya think he’ll let me?’

Then as I got ready to shoot…The boys ordered KEBAB BURGERS. Hahaha, (Oh the Glamour.)

Me: ‘I’m not having a kebab. I just want a wine!!’

It was simply hilarious. We’re all so bouji, but Northern. Steve was so much fun and you need that on a shoot.

There was a magical buzz in the air!!

I mean, I’m getting changed behind a curtain, trying to squeeze boobs into a ‘Daily Sport’ top, as they’re taking about kebab sauce. Lol.

The most amazing time. The most amazing shoot. (I actually feel like I could’ve shot better. Remember this is my ‘Comeback.’ I’m a little rusty. It was like a sexy warm up. If I shot again, I’d nail it!!)

Steve was wonderful. I can’t wait to show you the pics on my insta. I actually can’t show you any pics with a ‘Sport’ top on, just yet…as they’ve got to be looked over by the head honcho and hopefully used with a ‘BOOM.’

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Use Your Own Toilet!!

I’m back!! Boom!!! I’ve enjoyed a family rest. I’m someone who needs that. Yet, this morning I woke up, naked with my phone laid on my chest, contemplated a leftover wine and ‘just like that,’ got back into a routine.
I’ve kinda shot into 2019 filled with excitement and gusto. It’s been exciting already!!! Things have got ‘sizzle.’ I’m already working my kitten arse off. I’ve been at shoot, after shoot, after shoot! (Which for a 38 year old is really good!) And as a result…things are changing for the better. (You really do get OUT, what you put in. Always! I’m never someone who never works hard. I believe in giving things some ‘welly.’)

Ruby & Junior are back at school today…I love them. I miss them. (My little baby Musketeers.) However, I can finally get back to blogging, as obviously, adoring any free time with the loin fruit, always takes precedence. They’re ace! They make me giggle constantly!
They’ve actually not wanted to see their fathers too much, over their break. They’re growing up now, yet bizarrely both children turned around over Christmas and said… ‘I don’t really know why we need Dads?’ That’s strange, coming from 2 kids raised by a single mum??? I thought they’d crave a ‘white picket fence.’
And yeah, yeah..Well done Me. My Mum & I have filled their world with so much love, that they’ve never felt empty! And mainly well done THEM because no matter what life threw at them emotionally…threw at US emotionally, they took it on the chin TOGETHER & handled it positively..with grace.

BUT over Christmas it made Keiran (Juniors Dad) cry (literally.) Tears streamed down his face at the thought that Junior didn’t love him. And made Pete (Ruby’s Dad) go mental with a desperate need to try and convince Rubes to see him. So I took control & i made them BOTH visit their Daddies.

I’m someone who respects or understands the choices of others. I don’t make people do things they don’t want to do. EVER! Yet… they’re both SO lucky to have Fathers who love them & literally crave to see them. So my inner Asian kicked in and I asked them to show their Fathers some respect & love.
Ruby: ‘Well I guess, I do need to go get my Christmas presents.’
Junior: ‘No.’

But, enough of that!!! I must’ve just needed to get it out! Lol.

I’ll get to the bits you want to hear about….

I’ve been back in the modelling game. I made a decision to re-embrace my ‘sexy,’ because I spent so long secretly worrying about what people would say or I ‘back burned’ it, out of fear. I tried to win a female audience last year because I was ADVISED to do that.
I felt like a boring version of myself. I found it difficult. I realised that no-one can succeed as a HUMAN, let alone in ‘entertainment,’ UNLESS you are being authentic!! People lose themselves otherwise.
What changed my mind and powered me forward was the amount of HATE I got off women last year. It was disgusting! Even on my birthday & Christmas Day! I mean GOD, even on January 1st!!! Lol!

Cut me some SLACK!!! Haha!

This weird girl on Facebook called ‘Lindsey’ (who I don’t know personally? All I know is that she spent NYE alone with her dog. She was complete stranger to me..) Anyway. She decided to ATTEMPT to ‘troll’ me, to gain her own attention…by ATTEMPTING to hurt my ‘social media’ feelings, on Jan 1st, 2019! Lol

Did you not have better things to do!?! I mean watch a bit of telly, call ya mum, pour a wine, buy a rabbit!

The reason why I say ATTEMPT, is simply because you should all know by now, that it will 100% back fire!!

It back fired. She got ‘hated’ on & busted as a result…and there’s no glory in that! Was it worth it? No. What attention did she gain? None! It actually benefited ME because it brought MORE attention to Wunna land.
I might not have millions of followers, but what I do have are loyal followers. I appreciate that. Plus, I’m not a fantasy girl. I’m a real life person, with real life friends…and if you ‘cross the social media line of respect,’ they will JUMP down your, ‘Insta, Tweetathon, Facebook story’ throat!

Now, I’m not saying we should all hold hands and skip around to nursery rhymes…simply because I don’t wanna hold her hand. Haha. What I’m saying is, don’t come into Wunna land & try and shit on my floor, when you have a perfectly working loo at yours!

We should appreciate the differences in each other’s versions of life.

Bottom line…That powered me forward. It gave me the confidence & energy, to go get..what was mine! Instead of trying to win an audience that wasn’t there for me, I went back to nurturing the audience that I had.
That I have!!!

Phone calls were made. Emails were sent. Meetings were arranged. Agents & PR teams were consulted. It took about a day and I got straight back into the modelling game!

I’m currently fully booked! I can’t really even believe it!

I posted in the secret Lamp Lovers group, on Facebook as a test…because my good friend ‘Fox’ had told me too. In a few hours 12,500 men had ‘liked’ my photo & over 600 comments were made. ((It was just a pic of me wrapped in a towel.)

Fox: ‘Shit! You’re getting 126 likes per minute!’
Me: ‘I can’t believe it! It’s insane.’

So with that in my mind. I went for it, without fear! And yeah…I’m not in my 23yr old ‘Playboy’ shape..and I’m rusty until I get my swing back…But I don’t care because it’s ME. It’s who I am now! It’s what I look like now…and I’m loving it!
I want to be 80 look back and say..
‘Gosh! Look what I did when I was 38! My arse doesn’t look like that now! Haha!’

In a day over 11,000 more people had visited my Instagram profile.
(I find Instagram really difficult to build because I started it really late. I want to reach as many people as possible, because that’s the only way I’m gonna INSPIRE. That’s all I want to do! I Tweet quite a lot because people tend to listen.)

On Friday I started the 100th comment game on my Insta! I didn’t think anyone would play, which could’ve made me look a ‘tool.’ Yet you did and you still are! So thank you! Everyday I put a post up & my 100th comment on that post, wins a Video Message from me!

This morning was the quickest win ever. It took 40 minutes…until I had a 100th comment winner. I’m kinda in shock. But I’m ever so grateful.

I’ve found my stilettos & i’m back in the game!

I ‘Daily Sported’ it on Jan 3rd! (I know! Haha. 3 days into the year. 2 days, after my hate mail.)

I’m gonna tell you all about that in my next blog…

But if I can leave you with anything, I’d say…
‘Use you *Lindsey* moments to empower yourself and make your time on this Earth worthwhile!’

All my love, Chrissie
ps/ You can do anything!

We Made It!

I can’t believe it’s January 2019!! As if!! I’ve just woken up (it’s 7.23am) with a half drank Corona by my side, after bringing in the glorious New Year with my family.

The birds are chirping and everything…like it’s Spring? It’s actually sunny, from my bedroom window & people are still setting the odd firework off? Haha. (When I was younger in LA, I was still out clubbing at THIS time!! I wouldn’t even be home yet! I don’t know how I did it!)

I love staying in for New Years now!!! The 38yr old version of me is still ridiculous, yet grown. Old age is gonna suit me well, because it’s going to physically stop me from getting into trouble! Haha. I wouldn’t be able to do anything, that could potentially put my back out!

I’m already pissed off. All The Wunna’s stayed at mine and I’ve ALREADY had to clean up WEE off the toilet FLOOR, because someone missed the loo!! I stood in it! Lol. I was fuming! It was hilariously devastating, like a ‘Welcome to 2019.’

Honestly, who WEE’s on the floor, when there’s a loo approximately a wink away!! Who does that, doesn’t care and leaves if there! Haha!

I hate wee & I’ve had to clean it up because my bladder wanted me to begin the year shit! I’VE FUCKING STEPPED IN IT!!! Haha!

I really do hate wee. If I had to drink urine for my own survival, like they do in a jungle…I’d just opt for dying! Lol. Really! I would!

But anyway….Back to the pleasantries..

I’ve had a really big family Christmas & New Year and it’s been so revitalising, that it’s made me feel comfy! I couldn’t be more grateful.

It’s been beautiful! The kids and I, including the rest of The Wunna’s have adored our time together. We’ve needed it!

I thanked everyone via my socials (I know that sounds impersonal, but it’s the way of the world now,) who had been ANY part of my 2018.

I really hope you read my post, because I can’t go around everyone personally, as it would take me years!! Haha. I’m such a cow!

Some were big parts, some were small. Others popped into my 2018 at the last minute, some have been there all along!

I thank you…(Like it’s ‘The Oscars..’ Lol)

Making memories is so important to me & I swear those memories, even the tiniest ones, i’ll treasure forever! I don’t care if they’re good, bad, naughty or pure! Haha! I’ve loved them! They’ve made my year! I’ve felt alive!

HOWEVER, i will say that i’m a little a too comfy, a little TOO ‘safety net,’ right now due to family time. I’m skipping along, all ‘rosy tinted’ like an utter fool, swept in ‘nothing is bad,’ powder puffed, rainbow glitter.

We all know…Well..I do… that nothing gets done in slippers dipped in chill-fest. Nothing is really achieved without stepping out of that jolly lil’ comfort zone.

Without that classic, uncertain ‘danger streak’ of fire in your soul, nothing gets ‘tick boxed.’

So like the ‘Boobie Army’ lol) I’m training my little mind forward, ready to take on the year…that will probably just get flung at me.


The ‘jamas are flung off & the bikini slip on!

I don’t do news years resolutions, because I think they’re old fashioned. Yet I support anyone who does! Haha! (Day One. Keep going!)

But I have set a bunch of personal goals that I want to try to achieve this year. Personal goals. At the end of the year i’ll show you my list.

I’m more about gaining stuff than quitting things for new year. Haha.

I hope to not be single forever in 2019 also!! I mean SURELY Cupid will throw me a bone, this year!!!

(Not that kinda bone! Haha. I have 4 inboxes full.)

I’m ready to love now…So we’ll what life has in store for me!

But yes, I love you all, I hope you’ve sailed blissfully Into the new year…I hope you’re not feeling shitty….and my 2019, treat you well!!

Chrissie x

New Hair, New Year & New Excitement…

December 28th just always feels great, right? Well..maybe for me? I’m sure it’s shit for some because you can’t win’em all, can ya? Good day? Bad day? At least we HAVE days, right? But I’m filled with a good old peace, that is still bubbling with excitement. I’m looking forward to 2019 & I have no clue why? Haha.
It’s chilled though, right now. I feel like I’ve been nurtured!
I slept so well, after ‘last night,’ back & forth messages with a new ‘path cross.’ You know how people just find you, by accident. I got found, by accident…on Twitter. Yet this crossing of paths seems ( and I say ‘seems’ because I don’t know anything about them really,) it seems peaceful. Like…no drama. And even though they may have JUST gone through a somewhat public tinker of a ‘hoo-dee -doo,’ they SEEM to have it together.

They like to make people happy. As do I! Tits…Tits? Haha! I meant ‘IT’S’ a good trait. A trait, I not only honour, but understand!

Theyre also SEEM really respectful. Again, a trait I share. I find extremely appealing in others.

(Is everyone else still have Christmas booze in the morning? Haha! )

So yeah…I’m peeking through the playpen bars and seeing what’s snazzily out there!

Life is introducing me to some really amazing new people right now and it’s making me feel good! I always think you cross paths with people for a reason. Do you? Who knows? But there’s a magic in the air right now for me…

2019 feels like it’s going to be ‘fingers crossed’ delightful!

My work cogs for the New Year have already begun. They started before Christmas actually. I don’t believe in starting productivity on New Years day, which I will be doing NOTHING for, other than family! I like to hit the ground strutting, but WITHOUT a flipping prosecco this year, because I’m doing Dry January!

I know!! Who am I!?!

But being 38, drinking in the Christmas
morning and eating everything in sight, CALLS for a mini detox!
Dear Liver! I am SO sorry! I am SO f****** sorry!
I want to get into moderate shape. Feel good about myself. Pose in a bikini and not feel wibbly about my wobbly bits!

I want to ‘MEOW’ it!

Jan 3rd is my first gig. My first shoot of the year. I’m feeling pretty confident now! I’ve goal set in stilettos and I’m gonna smash it! I’ve already done my useless, essential worrying about it. So I’m sorted. I’ve filed it under ‘blah,’ and poured myself a cup of of the old confidence, instead!

I learnt a lot in 2018. It adjusted me well! I think? I hope? If not? Then fuck it!

I’m also gonna sort my shit love life out this year. Well…let’s hope I do! Although it’s not a focus, I am naturally a romantic. I can’t help it. I learn a lot about love and my relationship with it…EVERY year. I just don’t act upon ‘the learnings,’ so to speak! Haha!

Going on ‘First Dates’ has actually helped me lots because I got to WATCH myself try to DO Dating! Lol
This coming year… it’s going to be different. You only live once! I don’t reckon I’m gonna be wearing my ‘single’ name badge for the whole of 2019! I’m ready for love now. My bikini is charged! Haha! There’s a genuine glint in my eye!


I have a few extra inches!!!! Oooh Daddy!

I’m talking weaves! I got my hair DID! I’m armed with a fresh ‘Talking Heads’ dolly weave, so now surely I’m unstoppable! (Thank you so much for your phenomenal job!)
I had it sewn in yesterday, by the best chica in the land…So now the world is mine…and all that! I’ve been swinging it about like an Asian Rapunzel, at a Roller Disco!

Taking time to look better, makes me feel good because it fools me into thinking I’ve treated myself, instead of being a slave to an Insta Like! Haha!

But teal talk!! We forget to treat ourselves, as we grow older, don’t we? Don’t feel guilty for treating yourself! Get on it! Enjoy it! You deserve a pamper. A moment where someone else takes care of you!

I don’t have anything else to say, other than SPREAD LOVE, and leave a lil’ happiness wherever to go!
(I need to go try on outfits for the shoot!)

Twister, Handcuffs & Total Love Refuels

I’ve had the most wonderful Christmas, filled with family, Christmas telly, cocktail sticked sausages & those juicy endless wine pours. The good kinda love..where your heart never gets broken & you’re only a ‘safety net’ away.

I’ve lived in my comfies. I’ve wiggled with my babies. I’ve laughed out loud with the folks and joked with my baby brother.
I’ve been lucky enough to cut away from all the ‘nipple tassled’ swung ‘hoo haa,’ to just FEEL ALIVE, keep shit simple and enjoy being me.
I’ve felt wonderful! It’s really helped me refuel, giggle and find my focus.

It’s been all about the kids and my hearts been filled with utter indescribable joy, just being a part of their ‘Santa’ excitement!! (I was wrapping presents for them, with my Mum at 2am, on Christmas Eve, whilst downing bottles of Corona & sprinkling fucking talc footprints around the house!! Haha!)


I’ve loved it. I’m ready. I have a spanking new outlook on life. I’m filled with ‘the happy’ and I’m kinda relieved to say that I’M BACK! (Even though I can’t type for shit on this phone!! Haha!)

I’ll ‘rug sweep’ the fact that I casually got handcuffed to a snack table, by a bin bag, fell over twice, forgot to go on a diet, didn’t find the love of my life, wrapped up in a Mankini, under my tree and decided to be a hermit,!
All that doesn’t matter because I had everything have I needed. I was surrounded by love!

We all all have different versions of Christmas don’t we…and it was really good to have an ‘out of the tinsel’ Insta chat with @bodybagnall. He spent part of Christmas wine drunk, needing attention, and laid on the floor, after building a ‘flat packed’bench and saying goodbye to Unilad. (Where he used to work.)
Me: ‘This is so Dawson’s Creek. Do you even know what that is!?!’

He discussed ‘Ocean drops’ as I watched ‘Torvill & Dean’s’ True story thing, on ITV!
(If I could Ice Skate, I’d be the happiest human alive. But I can’t. So that’s shit!)
I spent the rest of last night moaning at my mum because I wasn’t an Olympic, ice skating champion!! Haha! I’m laughing…but I was actually genuinely pissed off!!)

Me: ‘You’d be prouder of me if I won the olympics!!’
Mum: ‘Haha. Some people birth Olympians, others birth glamour pusses. Pour me a Fanta!’

But yeah, i’ll QUIT rambling! Today’s been great. I feel really lucky. I have an exciting Jan, filled with photo shoots. I’m kinda worried because I have a test shoot on Jan 3rd and I seem to have a beer belly…which is somewhat alarming. I’m not sure how I’m gonna get rid of it in a week…so I can wave that ‘shot’ out the window! Lol FFS!

I love this time of year because you get to clean slate things. I’m gonna be really focused this year and enjoy it. I’m feeling hoood! I mean, GOOD! Haha!
I’m shaking off old cobwebs that I wasted far too much attention on. It’s a lesson, I can’t stop learning…and because of that, this year, you’ll hopefully watch me fly!

Let’s keep everything crossed, just in case!

Oh and don’t play Bikini Twister and try to Insta Pic it. It’s shit! Im a glamour puss! I’m just not a ‘right foot plonking, on a green spot,’ kinda girl.

Hapoy Boxing Day!
Chrissie x

Rummy Shit…

It’s a rum ting! Yanno! How ARE you!

*Slurps bottle drizzle.*

I’ve done all my Christmas shopping. Im proud as punch! I’m shimming to the merry sounds of victory! And that is MY CHRISTMAS sorted!!!

I’m not naturally someone who does anything advance. Lol. I’m shit like that. I enjoy pressure and giddy last minute *bursts* of excitement. I’ve smashed it. I’ve nailed it! I’ve had a Taco Bell. (A ‘Faj’ burrito, according to my receipt, to be prescise! 😜 Haha! ) And let me tell you, life feels Wunnaful and I haven’t even had a fucking Baileys over ice yet!


I love Christmas!!!

I’ve panic bought, but I like to leave the kid’s MAIN presents until last, because they seem to have this magical tendency, to change their minds, at a moments notice.

So, with a ‘hair toss, hip bump & wiggle,’ I ordered the ‘Kids electric, Range Rover Evoque’ and 2 Luvabella dolls, on Thursday. I got them Friday! Today, I bought the rest of the shit, that Santa will take all the credit for and OH MY GOD, like a child, I CANNOT WAIT to see them open their gifts!!

I’m an incredibly EXCITABLE by nature. I can’t help it! I’m gushy! I’m like an over excited, Asian popping candy ball!

Raising kids, as a single mum is always really difficult. Yet having kids, as a single mum at Christmas…IS THE MOST AMAZING FEELING!! It’s so fulfilling!!

(I’m not tryna say ‘Kids are just for Christmas!’ Lol I’m just tryna say, it’s much easier, for me…during Crimbo…I love to make people happy. I live for it!! However, I don’t seem to do it often. Haha. At Christmas, when it comes to Ruby & Junior! I smash it!)

Right! Anyway! What am I talking about?

Happy December 22nd! I’m receiving an absolute TON of messages and I’m really grateful! I love them. They keep me going!

Everyone is so utterly shocked that I’m single?? I don’t get why? I’m just shit at love, that’s all! Haha. But you don’t need to worry for me. I’m not worried at all! I’m happy!

Yet, I very much appreciate your thoughts and tweets of lurve…So I thank you. Thank you deeply!

I’ve had so many messages on the lines of…

‘You should have guys lining up..I’m so confused???’

‘It’s because you’re such a catch. You’ve become a conquest to a guy!’

I’m very flattered. It’s is very sweet! But yeah. It’s just how it is right know! It’s not bad! It’s just life! But fuck it, let’s pour a rum and nibble gravied sprouts.

What I’m saying is…I’m a good! 😉

I’m enjoying the Christmas break! I love a chill, after such a busy year! I will say that, in a way, at the same time as enjoying ‘the chill,’ I’m kinda MISSING working! (I’m such a loser! Lol) I’m having to keep occupied! But I’m doing well. I’m focused.

Everyone’s asking me what happens I’m the New Year in Wunna Land…


I’ve been dying to get back into it all and I’m excited to bring my own sexy back! I don’t care what anyone thinks! I’m ‘YOLO.’ I’ve got this!

I am FULLY booked out on Glamour shoot, after Glamour shoot in the new year and I’m so happy about that, because if I love anything…it’s that. It comes so easy to me! I live and breathe it. I love it and I’m gonna own it!

I kinda let others define who I was supposed to be, for a little while. But why? That’s shit! It confused me? I didn’t know what the right thing to do was. Then I decide that the right thing to do was whatever made me happy! Whatever made me feel alive. Whatever made me feel of purpose!

People can be whoever they want..and they should! They should stand proud, regardless!! You can do it all. You can have it all! Don’t let anyone mould your journey, to fit their fears!

In a way, I think it’s kinda ace that I can still ‘sexy shoot’ at 38! I mean WTF! Haha! On my grave stone it’ll say…

‘I still Goddit!’

(Can you tell I’ve had rum?)

I had this conversation with the powers above…the other day..and it went like this…

Them: ‘Chrissie! When choosing a direction, you can’t do the sexy model thing, but have that insane, funny northern personality. You’re either the unobtainable, but sweet, sex symbol or the loud, funny northern chick.’

Me: ‘Oh? I thought I could just be me?? Haha!’

I kinda fought it. But then I kinda realised that they were right, as we watched the movement of my ‘audience,’ meander.

We experimented.

I was both at the same time (which is me.) That’s who I am! Then I played each version of my personality separately.

And the ‘THEM’ ended up being right!!!

But, how crazy is that! It’s bad how the majority of people STILL put things and humans into specific categories…Y’know, ‘boxes’ that their minds and judgements, tape up.

I’m breaking the seal. I’m setting myself free! And you should too!!!

Can we start a rummy rebellion, please?

Anyway, I’m off now! I can’t be bothered to finish this blog! Lol. I’ve chatted enough!! Haha!

Really do relax and enjoy your pre-Christmas weekend!!!

Chrissie x