At Madame Jo Jo’s Tonight

Hi lovelies! Firstly i’d like to apologise to anyone i was a complete cunt to yesterday. I was on a very high horse and losing the plot a little. I was going through one of my ‘everyone’s out to get me ‘ phases. (And yes, i have been told to apologise and i do really think everyone’s out to get me…lol.) I could go with the ‘i’m mentally ill’ line, as that works quite well for me. Yet i’m going to shimmie with the, i was arsey because i’m ‘Cool like dat’ line instead!

I’m much better today. Currently on my way to London. Tonight i’m presenting music acts at Madame Jo Jo’s around 7.10pm…i think? You can pop around and see me, but only if u buy me booze. I won’t be taking my laptop with me this time around, so i will be only be twittering my whereabouts.

I’m staying at the Hilton Metropole. I’m currently the Queen of Greatness. I smell like a whores handbag…and well darlings. I LOVE YOU!!!!

3 thoughts on “At Madame Jo Jo’s Tonight”

  1. dont worry chrissie it is part of your cham that u can be a bit stroppy and like to mug people of i hope u have fun on the mannor and a great week


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