At ‘Loaded’ tonight!!

So my love life gets pushed to one side, as work  (well ‘Good Times’) starts to take it’s place. Tonight i will be making a little appearance at the Re-Launch of the newly refurbished club ‘LOADED’ in Spaulding in Peterbrough. I can’t wait. I’m so excited. I’m in need of a night of ‘naughty naughty’ and i’ve never partied in good old Peterbrough before, therefore i’m glad i got invited!! New town, new sins. Call me Tallulah.

If you are there tonight, come give me a ‘Holla.’ (I will be drunk. Please take advantage of my sweet nature.)

4 thoughts on “At ‘Loaded’ tonight!!”

  1. So there I am in hospital, and the phone goes… I glance down and see “Chrissie”‘s name flashing on my phone… ‘what on Earth does she want?’ I think to myself…


    Are the first words screeched down the phone at me… No “hello, how are you?” or “what are you upto Adam?” – no no no – not our Chrissie… Within 5 minutes, we all know how quick this girl can talk, I’ve learned of her entire days events and I end up throwing the phone to my Mum and Dad for them to suffer for a while….

    Instead of suffering, Chrissie decides to wangle her way into the Parnell Clan and is now my mother’s new stalker!!

    ==== Chrissie, this is going to be an excerpt of my blog for today! lol

  2. see u will go peteborugh wich is pooop and u wont go the mannor have a good night treacle u look poweful . but all i care about is the toon staying up everything else dont matter


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