Ask Me What You Want Week…


Okay, hey my lovers of ‘liciousness. Today, with it being a day of God, is the start of a long week where in which YOU, yes YOU… the people that foolishly keep me a float may ask me ANYTHING. I get a lot of ‘mailed in’ questions on a dailybasis. Yet now it’s a bit hard (due to my mentally ill state) to personally write back to all of you right away…but i do try to. YOU WILL get a response..even if it’s a drunk one. And well, my favourite thing is answering questions about myself. (ME! ME! ME!)

All you need to do, is either hit ‘Contact Chrissie’ and email me your question. It can be about ANTHING! But if it’s not about ME, i will zone out. Or you can Facebook me a question, Twitter me one, or Leave one as a COMMENT on here, my lovelies.

I’ll scroll through them and then pick one every now and again to post on my blog…with an very honest and somewhat twisted answer.

(Photo Above was sent to Me by Francesca Kocura. I was meeting, greeting and signing things at the ‘Britains Got Talent Tour,’ this year. Not that i was on that show, but fuck it…it’s ALL ABOUT ME. It kinda looks like i’m a paedophile at a school yard fence.)


Answer: The Twins!! I think they should be rewarded for there sheer tragic greatness and ability to entertain. I only watch it for them. If i saw The Twins on the street. I would literally run up to them screaming. Then i’d get them drunk and offer to feel them up.

6 thoughts on “Ask Me What You Want Week…”

  1. Footage of the twins performing actually popped up in the states on the Jimmy Kimmel Live(!) show. They are delightfully jaw dropping. I couldn’t pull myself away from the screen.

  2. Hi DK!!!! Omg! NO WAY! Hahaha…i love them, see EVERYONE ‘ The Twins’ are making America!! lol
    Aren’t they cute, all talentless, but tremedous.

    Well actually being ‘entertaining’ is a talent!
    How r u DK?


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