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I have a new ‘Ask Chrissie’ section…where you can and quite obviously ASK CHRISSIE ( well…Me) anything you so wish, either about myself, yourself or some other important life topic!!! I’m not shy, so you have my permission to get as personal as you so wish. I will try my very best to answer you’re questions, so you too can be as GREATNESS as I!! However if i just ‘don’t get it’ be prepared for random sarcastic remarks or a simple, ‘i don’t get it?’

I’m doing this… as a dear dear friend of mine  believes people have got me all wrong, or only ‘think’ they know me. The facts are there but a little jumbled apparently. So heres your chance to get to know me a wee bit better darlings….


33 thoughts on “Ask Chrissie….”

  1. What was your first sexual experience?

    What’s your longest held secret?

    What question do you hope no-one will ask?

    What’s the answer to that question?

  2. How do you like your coffee?

    Lots of sugar/sweetener, lots of milk/froth or pure caffeine fueled blackness?

    Maybe you’d like to try an extra tasty Gregmeister FroffeeeCoffeee Special?!?


  3. RT- Lost my virginity outside a pub, in pontefract, during the world cup. I asked a boy to take me outside and shag me…he did!! My first sexual experience, really was actually being very young, taking all my clothes off, and dry humping my bed…i think i was like 10??

    Greg- My coffee? Black, with half non-fat milk, half cream, and 2 Splendas!!…oh and hahaha, i’ll try anything once!!

  4. we want to visit your dad tomorrow (friday). we only just heard he was so ill. we’re heading for Sheffield but could go further north. is he still in Pinderfields Ward 2?

  5. Here’s real toughie…

    You have one life boat and you are going out to rescue 4 people who are equally distant from each other and are drowning but, you can only fit and have enough time to save two people (including yourself). By the time you reach your second person, the other two will have drowned. The 4 people that need to be saved are your mom, your dad, a scientist who can has the cure to aids, and a scientist who has the cure to cancer.

    Which two do you save? Remember you can only fit two people on the boat and you only have enough time to save two people.

  6. hahaaa!! i’m sorry i know thats for Chrissie but its not a real toughie AT ALL!!! Its fucking hilarious.
    ma and pa everytime

  7. Harold sacks- I’m wearing nipple tassles


    My first kiss was at school. Can’t remember it. It wasn’t a big deal though. I kissed everyone. I don’t have a favourite kiss. I thought kissing was just the boring part you have to go thru to get to the sex.

    Oh and that lifeboat question! hahahahaha! (Yeah Duchess is right, it’s fucking hilarious) I’m a selfish bastard so i would 100% say fuck the aids curing scientists i’m saving MUMMY and DADDY. Not tough at all…

  8. Hey Chrissie!! I love you on Paris Hiltons, you honestly are the most honest girl in the house!!
    I just searched you on facebook and it came up with one person, is it you? Or is someone faking you??
    Please w/b, cos i added “you” but I dont wanna be talking to some fake!
    Thanks chrissie!! xxxxxxxx

  9. hi Chrissie, you are such a lovely young lady , your flamboyant personality, does come accross when you speak to you in person, your really quite sweet and gorgeous like on tv, i would love you to leave the informatio about your new book , i also love your song, i will think about going on facebook and twitter, i have a facebook account but don’t really use it ? i hope everything continues to keep you in high spirts and looking forward to see you more in the very near future. love billy x
    ( i spoke to you this morning on “tv” could see any info so i wont put shows name incase private info)


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