As Happy as can Be

Woke up this morning to Prince’s ‘When Doves Cry’ blasting through my bedroom air. It was HILARIOUSLY tremendous. I don’t think i’ve ever woken up in such a state of giggles, solidifying my Tuesday as one of those you file under ‘Good Times.’ (Yeah Baby!)  How you wake in the morning is essential, as the rest of your day seems to follow on in that fashion, no matter how hard you try to escape it. I guess the people around me know how to get me in fits of hysterical laughter and that my cherubs, is essential in the art of ‘making me like you.’ LOL…(along with compliments, gifts, sarcasm and cold hard cash!)

Yeah i’m feeling wonderful today! Magical! On top form, so i’m all a fiest and ‘ooh laa’ once more. I remember whenever i was happy in LA i’d jump on my bed repeatedly to anything Ryan Seacrest was playing at the time, or be in someones car yelling out ‘Bootilicious’ to the other poor drivers, waiting for the lights to turn green. I think i popped a few demon dance moves too. I remember a hot  business man in the car next to me. He looked over, cracked a smile, then started doing a bit of a lame ‘robot.’ It was genius!! Then he shouted, ‘You made my morning sweetie!’ I feel that happy today! I’m LOVING it!! Woooo!

I’ve also been thinking about all the things that i’ve done in my life. All the lives that i’ve lived. All the paths that i’ve crossed. How i, this little Princess with everything in the World, went on an adventure to really discover what this globe had to offer. I’ve sampled the best of worlds and the worst of worlds, and purely by choice. (Stupid really!) I grew up very priviledged (where’s my butler??) Yet was always drenched with this inner curiousity. This wanting to see what was happenning on the other side of the fence. ( The ‘tip-toe stretch’ was no good. I was never blessed with a glorious height.) Now i think of it..I’ve put myself in the most dodgey of sitiuations, just to really see how someone of that life was truely feeling. I remember sitting in a proper jail cell, with 14 prostitutes and an armed chinese robber in Los Angeles, (Domestic violence rocks) asking them how they got to that merry stage in their life and truely found out their history? I remember stopping and talking to some homeless men, buying them lunch and asking them what they wished to be when they were youngerand why they think they didn’t achieve it. I remember sneaking in and being shuffled between  middle aged Beverly Hills women and asking them their views of marriage, happiness and their mothers. I sauntered around the famous A-list and asked if their life was any better than anyone elses. Infact, i lived all these lives with these people for a while and it’s only a skim of what i’ve discovered. And i did it for no reason, other than curiousity and a stupid need to really see what life has to offer. What am i doing??

Recently i (through curiousity) experienced what it was like to be casted into a luxury house with 12 other people in London and have our lives filmed for a month, as we tried to fight it out to be the ‘best friend’ of the Worlds most famous Socialite. We we’re judged and tested every second, (which i don’t mind at all. I believe it’s extremely healthy,) and it really opened up my eyes to how i guess ‘celebrity’ has changed our world and the ‘starry eyed ‘youth of today, simply by watching how the others over-reacted to the smallest of things, or played up to a camera, or craved a certain ‘glory’, or were too scared to be their REAL self. I watched them dramatically cry over simply nothing and whine for the sake of whining. But most of all i witnessed how some of them felt about themselves and how if they did not win this competition, (whether it was to become famous, or just be a ‘winner’)  their life was almost invalid. Sad right. To this day, I wish they had more fun. As i feel, i had the most open fun out of everyone in the house and i have a secret that none of them will ever know. I loved it. It’s the quickest and easiest way to learn about 12 different lives in one time…I watched them break down around me, or try to trick me into a false sense of security. (Not all of them. There were a couple treats.) I do however remember internally laughing at the not so ‘my kind of people,’ shaking my head in disappointment and thinking, ‘Wow! They’re probably as TRAGIC as i was at that age!! ‘LOL… We’re all tragic is our own ‘special’ way. It’s what makes us brilliant. I think?

Chrissie Wunna

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  1. im pleased u are so happy chrissie it is bood to have fun and enjoy yourself/. u have had quite a life havent u but i bet seeing os much of the world has made u more street wise and more open minded of things it is like the first time i went thailand it knocked me bandi how different there cultures are havea great week chrissie


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