Arms, Love & Gay Discos



My arms are KILLING from trying to lift, hold and carry bambinos. Surely the arms of a lady should be made for this…like our hips. Damn you hips! But nope. I have rubbish working arms, that go along with my rubbish working eyes. Add Glamour Puss to that array of juiciness and you have trouble. I hate anything that aches…headache, arm ache, heart ache…all ache’s suck.

Junior is one heavy little chunk of a Buddha…and well Ruby’s two. At two she still adores me to carry her to bed and simply because her baby brother gets that treatment. My arms can’t take it. They’ve had enough and have decided to ‘middle finger’ the world with a ‘give in.’ They want rum. In life I don’t think I need to hire people to do the BIG things, like help me take over the world and all that whatnot. It’s the basic little things such as seeing for me and carrying for me that I need. (All my hair’s still falling out. I know pregnancy causes this…yet i’m hardcore malting…and it’s really not too fetching. You stand too close to me and a chunk of my hair will be wrapped around your button hole, after I’ve walked away.)

Today, I love happy couples. The idea in love is to find your perfect partner and ‘do life’ with them. You want to be able to look back after time ans see the memories in life. These days people have forgotten that, or so I thought!!! Nope! Today I saw tons of happy young, old and middle aged couples, being in love, sharing life and with hand holds. I always think that when you no longer hold your partners hand when you walk, you’ve lost the spark that you once had. It’s the little things. Yet, that unlit spark doesn’t mean abandon ship and being feeding love to lions, it just means you have to relook, meander and find a way to get that bitty bit of magico back to sprinkle baby. It’s not that hard. It’s easy.

I’ll never forget this old man on a train who told me that after 40 years of marriage, his wife still excites him. His wife wasn’t there and that’s why I adored what he said, because how your partner acts when you’re not there matters. You may have a partner who is good to you always and a shit head behind your back. You may have a partner who is terrible to you most of the time, yet speaks highly of you when you’re not around. Or you may be lucky enough to have a partner that openly loves and adores you all the time no matter what, without fear of what the other person thinks. Not many people are lucky to have that, but when you do…it’s great.

(I’ve just remembered that I’ve run out of wine.)

My Facebook page is weirdly ‘liking’ whatever it wants again. Apparently I ‘like’ Tunisia Security, some random male model, porn and Travel Zoo? I’ve never gone onto any of the pages and ‘liked’ them. My page just decided to do it. It happens to everyone, so check through yours, for kicks. It’s fun seeing what you apparently enjoy…for about one second.

I don’t have anything else to say really other than i’ve worked hard today and rewarded my son by turning his bedroom window into a gay disco. It has rubbish LED fairy lights around it now, simply because he loves lights. But I love it and well tonight i’ll see if he loves it too. Only I can make my 4 month old son’s bedroom look like a Gay Disco. I have no idea how to raise a boy other than the normal stereotypical things like ‘football’ and ‘cars.’ Boo!

Right now it doesn’t really matter. But when he’s older, it’s going to odd. 🙂 I ADORE HIM nonetheless. He is far too cute for my nonsense.



C x

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