April is fooling Me

Not being funny or anything, as i am a positive piss-take of a spirit, but how BORING is April already!! Jesus! Ofcourse i haven’t really given it too much of a chance to get exciting as it is only the 2nd, yet i’m not a ‘wait around kinda gal’ i’m off on four cylinders with rockets up my whoopdee!! I want madness, chaos, glittery explosions and energy. I want love, passion, excitement and drag queens. I want dancing boys, sun, life and rhythm. I want to be taken away on a magical adventure with bongo playing dwarves and ballet dancing sumo wrestlers. I need umbrella drinks, bold men and just a flipping shake!! If i had my way right now, i’d be playing the Benny Hill theme tune as loud as it could quite possibly be played, letting my bra ‘ping off’ in a Barbara Windsor comedic fashion and be running around a bush, like a frantic lunatic, ‘oohing and aarring’ in a naughty nurses outfit, for no other reason but ‘good times!’

Everyone i know has flown away to some exotic climate. I am having to work my tragic fake tanned butt off in good old Blighty. Double UGHNESS!! I’m all for a bit of  ‘work hard, play hard’ and there definitely needs to be a lot more of the playing taking place. I’ve been ‘work, work, worky’ 24/7 and it seems in order for me to excell in an area…there needs to be an element of ‘PLAY.’ That’s what i do! I wink, i’m playful and i make fun of my life…followed by YOU!! I think i’m just knackered so i’m moaning!! LOL. And how rubbish is my Facebook chat!! Everyone elses works, but mine likes to take a little twat of a nap at the most unfortuante moments!! It’s such a bitch, it cracks me up!! Oh and boys if you fancy me, please do step forward. I’m quite lazy when it comes to love, so ‘hard to get’ doesn’t work as effectively as you may wish it too with me (hahaha) and also i can be a little numb to the ‘signs’…i really won’t have a single clue if you do actually want to apply as the ‘other half.’ The direct approach is always the greatest. Unless you’re me then you will be ridiculed and yelled at by the masses for such Tom Foolery. I think directness is sexy in a man. I say it all the time. I’m like broken record..but only because you never bother to listen. (haha.) Life is good. I’m really tried and yeah April sucks balls! Hurrah!! I need cheesy pasta and a tinkle of white wine. It says it needs me too!(Purr…)

Chrissie Wunna

3 thoughts on “April is fooling Me”

  1. Chrissie I love you! You are awesomeeeee! I read your blog everyday even though I am on the other side of the world (Hong Kong), keep it going girl! xx

  2. Hi ‘Tink!!’ Well hello my sweet little dew drop of darling!! So glad ur tuning in…it means an awful lot to me!! Hong Kong rocks…as do you, due to your wonderful taste in girl bloggers! lol

    Thankyou so much for the support. I need a prop up now and again!!
    Kisses Love you

    Chrissie x


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